GSP CMS -- A Content Management Software Package

Another CMS?

Okay, I know, there are a ton of Content Management Software packages out there. Mine is not better than any others, and in some ways is probably inferior. However, it is mine. I understand the code, as I put it together from scratch. That makes a huge difference, trust me.

That said, here's the back-story in brief. I have been unemployed for some time, due to a variety of issues, including getting tired of rejection emails or hearing nothing from jobs applied for. So, I decided to do something to keep me mentally active.

Among the various things I do outside of work is maintain a couple of fairly involved websites for the SCA -- a medieval recreation organization. These are currently being maintained on a desktop computer, generating web pages, and uploading them when done. I figured since I was unemployed and was going to eventually need to build web-based front-ends, I would take a look at some stuff and start building the user login interface. I had made an attempt at something a while back, but hit a brick wall while coding that I couldn't figure a way around.

I have also been taking classes on web development for some time, mostly through Udemy, and learning a lot about PHP, MySQL, and more. Taking a course on Drupal made me seriously consider the fact that I didn't like it much, and that there were some things I could do "better" (understanding that "better" is often defined by the person using the software -- in my case I feel some of what I have done is better than Drupal, but not everything). I got the user profile/login parts mostly completed, and started building the rest of a Content Management Software package, because I could and I was interested. I also managed to break down the brick wall that messed me up earlier, and have been able create code to do what was messing me up before.

This project has kept me busy (in and around other things) for over 6 months. What started out as just user login became a pretty functional CMS. If you have looked at other parts of my WebDev site you will see I have used a lot of Bootstrap functionality and learned how to incorporate it into my own code, I have used PHP and MySQL to create this project.

I have tried to deal with web security concerns, and to create an application that is easy to work with.


This CMS has some nifty features that I'm fairly proud of:

So, Where Is It?

Patience. As I am typing, I am making plans to do some final testing and document the process from setting it up to deploying it. I am not there yet, but when I do, you will be able to download it from here.