GSP Grid

A Grid?

Data on the web can be displayed in many ways, one way is through the use of a grid -- a set of columns and rows of information. The rows in the grid would match the records or rows in a table, and the columns in the grid would match the fields in the table. The fun part is that there is, in web development, the HTML table. This can be confusing -- the table is the basis for the grid, and the fun part is creating something that can be usable by the average person.

The purpose of creating a grid of my own is that as with some of the tools I have found on the web, I had a hard time integrating those tools into my own application, I wasn't happy with them for some reason, etc.

I put a lot of effort into various freeware grid controls available on the web. There is a lot out there, so why build something new?

My own grid is based on Bootstrap, so it looks the same as the rest of my CMS, which is also based on Bootstrap; and as with the CMS itself, I understand the code. It works the way I want it to.


My own grid is based on Bootstrap -- this gives it the same responsive aspects as Bootstrap-based websites. I have included a decent amount of functionality:

* The options for adding/editing/deleting/viewing records require that you create your own PHP forms to interface with the data. But once you have them, it is simple to set the grid to call them.


The documentation is both internal (in the source code as comments), and external, there is a text file that breaks down all the detail.

This is Freeware

Which means it is free to use. However, I do request that if you choose to incorporate it into your own code, that you credit me for the huge amount of work that went into it.

Where Is It?

You can download the source code here. It comes with some demonstration code and the ability to create some demonstration data. Unzip the file to a folder in your work area, open the file "gsp_grid.txt" and read the instructions. [GSP Grid Source and Demo]