Videos Available

New!! As of September, 2011: The Golden Stag Players now have a YouTube Channel available to view our plays. All performances we have videos of are up on this channel now. So, in addition to getting DVDs (see below), you can now view some of our plays online at:
     The Golden Stag Players YouTube Channel.

Below is a list of the videos we have available for our plays, available on DVD. The numbers are arbitrary and do not match the play numbers in the Plays menu -- this is because some shows got video taped, some did not. Some of the shows were combined to single DVDs. If you are interested in one of these videos, drop an email (click the link), and ask about them. The DVDs take time, and are the materials do cost, and you'll be charged (most likely) $5 each, plus any shipping. Of course, I can hand them off at events that I make it to ... [Troupe members get them for free ...]

DVD 1: "The Our Kind Plays" -- 1991-92
Our Kind
Our Kind II: Mistress Laurel Seamchecker Explains It All At You
Our Kind III: A Nightmare on Laurel Street
DVD 2: "The Arlecchino Plays" -- 1992
Arlecchino's Surprise and Arlecchino and the Cup of Love
DVD 3: A California Vacuum Cleaner Salesman in the BOG Court -- 1993
DVD 4: Ralph Roister Doister The English Play -- 1993
DVD 5: The Knight of the Burning Pestle -- 1994
DVD 6: "Four Short Plays" -- 1995
You Prayed For It!,
The Jealous Old Man,
MacTruck, and
Heus Abbus
DVD 7: Peermalion and Da Boids -- 1996
DVD 8: Flavio, The Fake Magician -- 1998
DVD 9: Pilgrimmage, and The GSP Whirled Tour (12th Night) -- 1998-1999
DVD 10: The Twin Captains (The Commedia 2K Project) -- 2000
DVD 11: The Tale of the Costwold Lion -- 2001
DVD 12: The Twin Captains (2002) -- 2002
DVD 13: A Tale of the Two Squires -- 2003
DVD 14: The Jealous Baker (12th Night and Preview Performance) -- 2005
DVD 15: The Betrothed -- 2006
DVD 16: The English King of France -- 2008
DVD 17: Pericles, Prince of Tyre -- 2009
DVD 18: The Mad Princess (includes some "extras" ...) -- 2010
DVD 19: The Deceived (includes some "extras" ...) -- 2011
DVD 20: The Alexandrian Tapestries (includes some "extras" ...) -- 2012

DVD 21: La mandragola (The Mandrake Root) (includes some "extras" ...) -- 2013

DVD 22: The Lunatic Lover (includes some "extras" ...) -- 2014

DVD 23: Twelfth Night (includes some "extras" ...) -- 2015

DVD 24: Beowulf: The Commedia -- 2016

DVD 25: A Series of Inappropriate Events -- 2017

DVD 26: The Merry Wives of Windsor -- 2018