You Prayed For It!
Author: Gerhardt von Nordflammen
Performed: The Boar Hunt (Beacon's Gate), December AS XXVIII (1993)
Southern Shores' Jingles, December 3, XXIX (1994)

One of Gerhardt's most interesting pieces is is this one, which besides being bitingly funny (and a great satire on game shows), shows his true scholarly leanings -- the theology in this show is based on period works.

Synopsis: This is a game show, based on theological questions. The winner gets an all-expense paid vacation to The Holy Land!

The premise is that the panelists are Theresa of Avila, Thomas Aquinas, and Meister Eckhart. The players (two of them) are asked a question, and they get to ask two of the three panelists to answer the question, and then determine which answer is the correct one theologically, and which is heretical (if any).

The winner, as noted, gets an all-expense paid vacation to the Holy Land, the loser gets his or her own auto-de-fay!

Incidents: None. The first performance was stellar. We had some members of the audience rolling in the aisles, due to the ... interpretations of the saints. Meister Eckhart, in the original, was portrayed as a hippy. However, Juan couldn't really relate to that, so he did a surfer-dude, which worked pretty well. Kæll did Thomas Aquinas as Carl Sagan (complete deadpan, and all serious). Rose, however, is the one who slew the audience -- she did Teresa of Avila as Tammy-Fay Baker (sans makeup).

The audience participation bit was fun as well -- in both performances we got people from the audience, literally, by lottery -- we had folk interested fill in their names on small pieces of paper. In both cases, we had one person in the audience who was sort of familiar with the show, and someone who wasn't. In the first performance, both of the participants were volunteered. In the second, they did the volunteering themselves.

We threw this together for both performances with very little time. We did one rehearsal for each, and we all just read from the scripts ... it was something to fill the time between major productions, but it was fun.

 Videos: Videos are available online (as well as the DVD below...):

 DVD: Available on the DVD titled "Four Short Plays", contact Hirsch for details (probably $5-10, just to cover the cost of the discs, the case, etc. and any postage would need to be tacked on).

 The Script:

The Cast:

BenedictAnne of Ockham/Thorvald (second performance)
IgnatiusHirsch von Henford
Thomas AquinasKælle of the Broken Tower
Teresa of AvilaRose de Le Mans
Meister EckhartJuan Santiago