Every theatrical troupe that lasts for any time has patrons. Ours came about as a sort of a lark ... after one of our early productions (Our Kind III? I can't recall now), Sir Alric Bowbreaker and Lady Megryth Bowbreaker of the High March sent a $5 bill in a card ... later, we started asking for donations of fabric, and we now have a (short) list of patrons (Unfortunately, none of our original patrons appear to be very active in the SCA ... hmm ...):

Our Original Patrons

A Second Set of Patrons

We stopped listing our Patrons in the programs as we haven't gotten anything from them in a long time, and frankly, we decided to use the space in our programs for other things. For the 2001/2002 versions of The Twin Captains we listed in the program for 12th Night some people, including the information above. You can also find the folk listed on that page of the website (Play 24).

Golden Stag Supporters

In addition to patrons, the Golden Stag Players have some other folk who have been of great assistance and/or support, and I feel it's important to make sure that we give them their due as well: