Other SCA Troupes
Updated: September, 2005

There are other SCA Acting troupes out there. The following are links to websites for the troupes that we know of:

The Known World Players (Kingdom of the Middle)

This is an impromptu troupe that performs at Pennsic. Never having been to Pennsic, we can't say anything about their performances, but they're doing mostly period scripts from what we've seen on their website so far.

i Sebastiani (Carolingia, East Kingdom)
i Sebastiani has been around about as long as the Golden Stag Players, but have focused on Commedia. We met some of them at the Austin Commedia Festival in 2001, and had a great time hanging out with them. They surprised the professionals that were there to teach some workshops, because they really do perform their shows completely improvisationally. This is pretty astounding, but they've been working together for years, and all live in the same area. They perform pretty regularly (if you check their schedule you'll see that!), including at Pennsic. We were impressed with the two shows they did in Austin ...

If you visit their website you will see that i Sebastiani has moved into the professional theatre world, and have been invited to Italy for a Commedia Festival there. Congratulations to them, we wish we could see more of their work ourselves.

In addition to everything else -- their site has a vast amount of research and information about other Commedia troupes out there, both SCA and mundane. They've put a huge amount of effort in to make it possible to find what you might need to know!

The Baron's Men (Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra)
Can't say anything about these folk, but that they sound like they're having fun. I was approached to add a link to their site here by the Baron of Bryn Gwlad himself, who is also the founder of that troupe. They're interested in some of our scripts, and we were pleased to give them a "go-ahead and do it!"

Their website disappeared.

Bella Luna (West Kingdom, Westermark Area)

Bella Luna has been performing in the West for a couple of years, and are having a lot of fun. So are their audiences. We want to tell them "Welcome", and make sure they don't feel like we are concerned about "competition", etc. The folk in the troupe that we've met are fun folk, so have at it! Heck, to be even more fair, a few members of our core group (Rose de Le Mans) have auditioned/performed with them, and we've extended an invitation to come play with us ...

For what it's worth, Bella Luna appears to have disappeared. It is a shame, they were a lot of fun. Maybe they'll resurface in a new incarnation at some point in the future. We would certainly welcome them back!

The Coribantes Compaignye (East Kingdom, New York City)

As noted on their website:
     "We are but a company of minstrels,
     a small band of jongleurs,
     a pocketful of synergy."

According to their website (when it was available), they appear to be focusing on a wide range of theatrical performances of the SCA's period, including mumming, music, street theatre, "illustrated storytelling" and "general foolery". Sounds like fun.

Confusion's Masterpiece (Caid, Starkhafn)

They were just starting their second year when added to this site in 2004 and have eight productions both original and period pieces to their credit.

From their website (when it was available): Confusion's Masterpiece is a renaissance theater troupe, in the SCA, a non profit educational group dedicated to bringing the renaissance and middle ages to life.

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