Over the years, the Golden Stag Players have had a couple of different logos, designed by my lady wife, Mistress Aldith Angharad St. George (mka Carolyn Eaton). The stag's head motif and indeed the name of the troupe comes from my SCA armory, which has two stag's heads, one of which is gold, the other green. I tend to use the one that is gold the most (it faces to the left when looking at it). Hence, "Golden Stag Players". The design used here shows two stag's heads conjoined at the neck, facing away from each other (addorsed in heraldic terms), and one of them is clearly smiling, the other is clearly frowning (comedy/tragedy masks ... cute, eh?).

The Early Logo
When we were first getting started, and not thinking the troupe would last very long, our logo was relatively simple:

Early Logo

There is a black and white version of this, which appears on the early programs and such.

The Current Logo
When the troupe decided to go to Austin for the Commedia dell'Austin Festival in the fall of 2001, we decided to create tshirts, and so my lady's talents were called upon once more. The design that she came up with was more complex, but closer to what I use for my armory, which is where the stag's head came from in the first place:

Current Logo

After the GSP came back from Austin (the day of the 12th Night performance in January of 2002), the King and Queen named us a Pillar of the West, and this means that the badge may be augmented with a canton (upper left corner) with the Crown of the West on it. This is pretty spiffy.

In the top of this website you see the GSP badge with the augmentation for the Pillar of the West recognition, if you move your mouse over it, you will see it without the augmentation.

Registered with the College of Arms?
The badge is registered now with the SA's College of Arms (under Hirsch von Henford) as:

Hirsch von Henford. Badge. (Fieldless) Two stag's heads erased addorsed and conjoined at the neck Or.

By registering it fieldless, it can be used on any background (field) -- the badge itself is just the conjoined stag's heads. The preference for display is on a vert (green) background, but we had a conflict (figures). Anyway, members of the troupe may use the badge to show their participation with the GSP, with or without the augmentation, but they are encouraged to use the augmentation on the badge (not personal armory).