The Future
Updated: July, 2015

Well, the future is never cast in stone, but ... what are the Golden Stag Players going to do next?

Gearing up for the 24th year of performances ...

At the GSP "picnic"/annual gathering, after considering several scenarios, the troupe chose to perform ... wait for it ... Beowulf: A Comedia in Three Acts, written by Margrethe Astrid Ravn. 12th Night's show should be amusing!

So, What Are Our Long-Term Plans?
At this point, who knows? We have lots of sources for material, but we've had a lot of "life", including folks moving, and so on ... other than that, well, as we usually say, "Who Knows?" ... the pile of potential plays is fairly large.

Also a lot depends on whether or not the troupe wants to keep doing plays ... many of the core group are folk with a ton of interests outside of the theatre. We keep busy. There has been interest from some folk who saw Pericles, and new "blood" often livens up the whole group, so we'll see what happens on that end.

The basic concept here is: As long as we're having fun (and our lives don't all go weird at once), and our audience still enjoys our performances, we'll keep doing it ...

If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at: .

We're always interested in hearing from people, and as noted on the main page of this site, we are willing to help out someone interested in getting started ...