The Golden Stag Players, over the years, have done a lot of different types of plays. While some troupes concentrate on specific forms or styles, we've tended to not want to lock ourselves down to any specific style. Hence, we have done (in no particular order):

Most of the plays have whatever documentation we may have about them available on the "Plays" pages. If you click on that link in the main menu, you will see the individual plays and you can get to information from there.

You might also want to view the Bibliography page (also available from the main menu).

However, we've been asked over the years about mask-making, and so on. Below are a links to information on this site to make it easier to find that specific information.

Commedia dell'Arte
Mask Making -- or "The Golden Stag Gets Plastered" -- This is a series of web pages with photos showing the process used by the GSP to create our first masks used for The Twin Captains.

We are working on getting photographs of the masks that members of the troupe have created available for viewing. This is a start ... Mask Gallery

The Director's Diary for The Twin Captains -- this is a detailed description of the process used in our first attempt at doing a period Commedia style play.

Hirsch's Commedia dell'Arte Class Notes -- This PDF contains a bunch of useful information about Commedia dell'Arte performances, it is the handout I have used over the years when teaching a class on Commedia dell'Arte. There are copies of woodcuts of some of the characters, and a lot more there, including the specific bibliography used for the handout.

Poses, Movement & Dance in Late 16th Century Commedia -- this PDF file contains images pulled by Cynthia Barnes from a variety of sources online, depicting (mostly) inamorata in a variety of poses, with hand gestures, and so on. This can be useful for general posture exercises of characters.