Double and Triple Peers

There are those who have been recognized for skills in more than one area. For example, I am a member of two of the three 'Polling Orders' of the Peerage. Does this make me any more important than a 'single' peer? Not at all. All that it means is that I was recognized once as a peer for my service to the Kingdom in the arts, and a second time for my service to the Kingdom in the College of Heralds. This second recognition gives me no more "authority", "power" or "prestige" than someone who is "only" a member of one Order of the Peerage (although frankly I don't feel that there's all that much authority or power in being a member of any Order of Peerage ...). If we still did "Grand Marches" in the central part of the West, I would march only once in the Grand March, and it would be at the spot designated for my first peerage.

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