domus entropius (dom-us en-trop-e-us) n. [Pseudo-Lat] 1. Lit. "House of Entropy" 2. A household based in the West Kingdom of the SCA. Motto: "Where the housework always wins!"

Members of the SCA Household called domus entropius

This SCA Household was a loosely organized household, with a variety of "members", although strictly speaking, the actual list of members of the household is down to just two:

Some of the people who used to camp with us sometimes but are not household members, include:

There are probably others I can't recall, no slight intended ...

There were some earlier members who have moved on to other households or whatever (life has a way of causing changes that make it necessary ...), including:

Over the years the household which used to be pretty active lost people for many reasons. Eventually Hirsch got tired of camping (setup with a pavilion is TOUGH and I never sleep well at SCA events), and so mostly we hang out with our apprentices (well, "former" apprentices -- they have been recognized as Laurels, but once an apprentice, always an apprentice ...) Juan and Rose. We sometimes hang out with others if they're not at the event, but if they are, it's a good starting point to try to find us.