The term "dynasty" is really meant to be a joke, so please don't take it seriously -- we don't -- although we have attempted to ensure that the information is correct.


As time moves forward, it can be seen that a Dynasty of Laurels (and Pelicans) is occurring, starting with Hirsch von Henford and Aldith Angharad St. George.

Master Hirsch and Mistress Aldith took on apprentices -- Juan Santiago and Rose de Le Mans, who have since become Laurels and Pelicans (oh, my!). And now they have taken on students ... so as you can see, a dynasty is now forming, and so it was felt that perhaps a family "tree" might be appropriate.


Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez
(aka Grün der Spitzenklöppler)

Duchess - Jan 4, 1997
Countess - May 4, 1985
Laurel - Mar 22, 1980
Pelican - Oct 2, 1999

Duquessa Juana has had many (many) apprentices over the years, and this is not about her legacy, but about ours. So there. If she wants to put something like this together to track all of her apprentices and former apprentices, more power to her. <g>



Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus
Apprenticed to Grün (Juana) - 1984(?)
Viscount - Nov 9, 1985
Laurel - Jan 5, 1985
Knight - Mar 21, 1987
Pelican - June 23, 2002

Alison von Markheim
Founding Baroness Dreiburgen
Pelican - Mar 18, 1978
Laurel - Aug 23, 1986
Baroness - Jan 13, 1979

Gaius was apprenticed to Juana, and after being Laurelled took Aldith on as apprentice. Aldith was released for whatever reason from apprenticeship to Gaius, and was "transferred" to Alison ... Alison was the person to whom she was apprenticed at the time she was made a Laurel. We have no record of any other students of either Gaius or Alison available at this time, if any.


Hirsch von Henford
Hirsch's Students
Hirsch and Aldith's Students
Laurel - Jan 8, 1983
Pelican - Jan 4, 1992
Baron - Jan 5, 2002

Aldith Angharad St. George
Aldith's Students
Hirsch and Aldith's Students
Apprenticed to Gaius - Nov 1985
Apprenticed to Alison - Fall, 1987
Laurel - June 18, 1988
Pelican - October 4, 1997
Baroness - Jan 5, 2008

Hirsch was never apprenticed or protégéd to anyone ...

Aldith was never protégéd to anyone ...


Hirsch's Students


Alicianne de Montfort of Sprucewood
Apprenticed - 1983-84
Viscountess - Jan 21, 1996
Pelican - Jan 19, 1997
Baroness - Oct 2, 1993
Rose Leaf - Jul 19, 1986

Daemus Rath von Falk
(No Arms)
Apprenticed - 1984
Rose Leaf - Jan 19, 1985

Released without prejudice, Alicianne and Daemus were released when Hirsch moved to the central part of the West Kingdom from Oertha in 1986. Having "long-distance" apprentices didn't make much sense. This was amicable, although Hirsch didn't think about this until after moving, and had to be reminded by his now former apprentices (d'oh!).


Hirsch and Aldith's Students


Juan Santiago
Juan's Students
Apprenticed - Fall, 1991
Laurel - Jan 6, 2001
Pelican - May 4, 2013
Baron - Aug 23, 2008

Rose de Le Mans
Rose' Students
Apprenticed - Fall, 1991
Laurel - Jan 6, 2001
Pelican - August 25, 2001
Baroness - Aug 23, 2008

Juan and Rose were apprenticed to both Hirsch and Aldith at the same time for the duration of their apprenticeships. Neither of them were protégés.


Aldith's Students

Francesca von Hesse
Francesca's Students
Apprenticed - 1999
Viscountess - Nov 19, 2011
Laurel - Jan 4, 2003

Syele Thorsdottir
(aka Syele von der Rosen)

Student - Mar 2010
Protégé to Eilis Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne - (date?)
Apprenticed - Oct 2010
Viscountess - May 16, 2009
Grant of Arms - Jun 2, 2007
Flower of the Desert - Jul 23, 2005 (Atenveldt)
Rose Leaf - April 30, 2011
Leaf of Merit - Jun 23, 2012

Ingriðr Rauðkinn
(aka Phoebe)

Student - Oct 2010
Apprenticed - Jan 2011
Countess (Outlands) - May, 2015

Margrethe Astrid Ravn
Student - Fall 2012
Apprenticed - Jul 2013
Pelican - Nov 18, 2000
Rose Leaf - Oct 16, 1999

Francesca von Hesse had been apprenticed to, or a student of, Ceridwen MacAoudhegain. When Ceridwen and her husband (Colin de Bray) moved far from the local area, Aldith understood from a conversation with Ceridwen that she should take Francesca on as an apprentice, and did so. See below for Francesca's apprentice (the only one we know of). Once Francesca was Laurelled due to "reasons", there was not much contact between her and Aldith.

Syele was taken on by Aldith as a student in March of 2010, as a "trial" thing. At October Crown (2010) they turned this into a full-scale/formal apprenticeship.

Ingrið (Phoebe) was taken on by Aldith as a student in October of 2010, in a similar relationship as Syele. At 12th Night (2011) they turned this into a full-scale/formal apprenticeship. While Ingrið is now in the Outlands, the Laurel/Apprentice relationship is still in existence.

Margrethe (Meg) -- similar to Phoebe and Syele -- apprenticeship announced at the Golden Stag Player annual picnic, July 27, 2013. Formalized later ... Margrethe was not a protégé.


Carrick MacBrian
Squired to Hans von Wolfholz (Summer, 2016)
Student - Spring 2015
Apprenticed Summer 2016
Leaf of Merit - Sep 21, 2013
Rose Leaf - Mar 15, 2014

Carrick MacBrian -- similar to Aldith's other apprentices, Carrick became a student in the spring of 2015. Formalized Summer, 2016.


Francesca's Apprentices


Elaine Fairchild of Bishopsgate
Apprenticed - (date?)
Laurel - June 21, 2008
Baroness - Jan 9, 2010

Elaine -- we don't know a lot about this relationship, as once Francesca was Laureled she went her own way, and we seldom saw her ... to the best of our knowledge, Elaine was the only apprentice Francesca took.


Juan's Students

Ghislaine d'Auxerre
Apprenticed to Bruce Draconarius (Caid)
Apprenticed to Juan - July, 2003
Pelican - Nov 19, 2011
Laurel - June 24, 2017
Baroness - Nov 19, 2000
Harp Argent - Aug 22, 1993 (Caid)
Rose Leaf - Nov 12, 2005

Josephine de Arellano y Prout
(No arms)
Protégé - Oct, 2014
Award of Arms - Mar 7, 2015

Kaylin de Langelei
(mka Kaylin Herling)

(No arms)
Apprenticed - Aug 2015
Award of Arms - Oct 5, 2008

Ghislaine and Bruce concluded their arrangement as apprentice/Laurel in 1999. That was all amicable, and they're still good friends ...

Rose' Students

Cassandra Rossignol
(No arms)
Apprenticed - Oct, 2004
Award of Arms - May 1, 2004

Katla loki Ulfsdottir
( aka Bella Caterina Malatesta,
Catherine de Gray ...)

Apprenticed - Oct, 2004
Pelican - Jan 7, 2006
Laurel - May 3, 2014
Baroness - Oct 27, 2007

Grania Buchanan
Apprenticed - Oct, 2011
Leaf of Merit - Sep 27, 2008
Baroness - Aug 27, 2005

Morgana di Marco Vecchietti
Apprenticed - Mar, 2013
Leaf of Merit - Dec 19, 2009
Rose Leaf - Nov 27, 2012

Katla and Rose concluded their relationship amicably (Oct. 2009). Do not recall if Katla was a protégé

The armory here is mostly from the West Kingdom Roll of Arms. While some of the armory is not perfect, it is close ...

Not all recognitions for each individual are listed, just the highest ranking ones. The links on the names themselves link to the West Kingdom History site's Who's Who. This will provide more detail about each individual (in some cases more than you may want to know ...).