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Mentioned in the last post the drought conditions in CA. We had a really hefty rainstorm last weekend, but it was a drop in the bucket, as it were, for what we need to recover. Since then, we had a little rain last night, but not much … was nice to see the ground was wet this morning, but that’s about it. Sigh. We need several drenching heavy-duty storms. They’re hitting other parts of the country and not here. Darn weird weather patterns. Global Climate Change? Yep. I think so …

Sunday after Valentine’s Day. On V’Day I picked up dinner for the spouse and I from our friend Rachael’s restaurant in Martinez. She did something that was done last year as well — a pre-made dinner, just heat/re-heat and it’s ready. Excellent meal, with one of the last two bottles of the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon from Milat. That was an excellent year for Cab Sauv, and they had one that was superb. I also bought her a nifty necklace: an anatomically correct heart made in silver. It wasn’t real expensive, and it made her laugh, which is why I got it. She does like it, though.

The rest of the weekend has been slow, she’s been busy working on Exchequer stuff for the SCA, which is taking up way too much time (this time of year is the “Domesday Report” — basically end-of-year for all local groups up through the full Kingdom report). Sigh. So, I’ve been watching the last season of Torchwood. This is a spinoff of the Dr. Who reboot, and is VERY different, despite starring Capt. Jack Harkeness … the last season was intense. Oh my … I also did a few things, some coding (minor things for a couple of apps), some cleaning (vacuumed downstairs), have cooked a bit …

I get tomorrow off (President’s Day), but herself doesn’t (working for a bank …). S’okay. I am going to meet up with the officers of DECA (the business club that I am faculty advisor for) at a restaurant in Concord … that should be fun. It was last time we did it. I’ll also finish the vacuuming, and whatever else I feel like doing around the house.

We’ve made plans for our anniversary. Not going to Disneyland this year, think I mentioned that vet bills for the cat have chewed into money. Will talk about that when we get back. Our anniversary is the middle of the week, so we’re doing something the weekend after. Will have folk checking on the cats and the house while gone of course.

Thought I had something pithy to add, but I guess not. School’s mostly going okay … a bit crazy at times, but that’s pretty much normal these days. The flaky students are still flaky, the ones that want to do well are just as intense as ever … Still posting lots of little things on Facebook, because, well … it’s easy. I know friends at least see it.

Herself was going to order a WWII RAF Great Coat similar to the one that Capt. Jack wears in the Dr. Who and Torchwood shows, but she balks. She requested some info, got a response back nearly immediately, but has not finished the deal. Sigh. Am almost tempted to just order it myself. Oh well. I won’t, but will have to remind her … again, I guess. It’s life. Heck, we’ve been married nearly 20 years, that says something for the durability of our relationship, doesn’t it?

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