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So, California has been having the worst drought in years. There was this hugh “high” system that was keeping the rain from getting here for a LONG time.That seems to have gone away. We’ve got rain starting today. Again over the weekend. While this two storms won’t solve all the drought issues, it will certainly be a step in the right direction. While I am personally not a fan of being out in the rain, we do need it. Hope we can at least make a dent in the needed rainfall.

On other fronts, well, two weeks into the quarter, things are going okay. Carolyn has been running on high stress at her job due to some issues (I don’t want to say a lot, but …). That seems to have hit a break point, I hope. I guess we’ll see.

On the SCA front, not a lot. CJ is being kept more busy than she’d like with the Kingdom Exchequer office. The various things I do have been keeping me busy, partially because I enhanced some things, which then means people are sending more info … s’okay though. Saturday is a Herald’s Collegium being held in our “complex” … so I’ll be up a bit early to go open the doors, and get things going. Teaching a class on the awards list system I’ve been working on over the years. Not sure how much of that will be of interest, but … what the heck?

Finished catching up on Dr. Who, both CJ and I decided that the reboot was pretty good overall (starting with Eccleston …). I’ve been watching Torchwood (a spinoff series) which is very different. CJ doesn’t like it, but that is based only on the first episode. I think she needs to give it a chance.

Not a lot else. Friends are overall doing okay. One who just lost a job is going into a second interview, others are working again, mostly people are starting to get back on track with lives after a lot of fu. The friend who had breast cancer is at Disneyland with her hubbie and some friends, now that she’s done with the major treatments (including the radiation treatments). Hmm. I don’t really seem to have much to add at this point. Think I’m gonna crash.

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