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So, a couple weeks ago, CJ and I went to Vegas (as in Las Vegas, sin city, etc.) for a weekend with our friends Don and BJ. They have been there often enough and stayed at certain hotels enough they got free rooms, and so on …

We flew in Saturday, got settled into the hotel (the Rio), and then drove to Hoover Dam. That was fun. I recall seeing it as a kid, but it looks really different now. We walked around, the only thing we didn’t do was go into the museum (it was packed). Anyway … went back to the hotel, relaxed a bit, and eventually cleaned up and went to The Mirage(?) which has the Cirque du Soleil show “Love” — based on Beetles music. We had dinner at the buffet (slightly expensive but some good food), and then saw the show. That was a lot of fun. Much better than I expected (was sort of expecting something cheesy, but it wasn’t).

Sunday we spent wandering to a few different casinos and areas, looking at shops, and throwing some money away (slot machines). I actually got fairly lucky on a penny slot machine and hit a weird set of bonuses that brought me $290. Woah. I decided to be smart and cached that in. Over the rest of the weekend I think I spent another $100 of that, but I had expected to not win anything. Overall I came out slightly positive from Vegas, which is unusual. I figure any time you leave there with more money than you started with you won. Heck, coming out even would have been a win, IMO.

Anyway … that evening we saw Penn & Teller (their show was at the Rio, where we stayed). About what you expect from P&T — funny, smart, good effects … worth it. The seats were pretty good, close to center.

Monday we packed up, but weren’t leaving until the afternoon, so wandered off to New York New York, and threw a bit of money away at the slots there. I took 14 one-dollar bills and put them into one machine, and played several different slots (they use paper tickets with bar codes on them now). Started losing, went to another machine, etc. Brought it up to about $38, and then eventually lost it. But spent an hour or more doing so, so that was fun.

Anyway, weird and fun little trip. Don’t really need to go back to Vegas for awhile.

Spent the rest of the week getting ready for the new quarter at school, which started Monday. It’s been a bit odd. I have two classes I’ve never taught, so am picking up some new stuff as I go (a good teacher is always learning, right?). Wednesday CJ had a really bad day for work, so I took her out to dinner at Zio Fraedo’s which was … fantastic.

Last night we went out to El Morocco to celebrate a friend’s birthday (actually it’s next week, but …). That was pleasant, and we got surprised, her husband picked up the tab for six of us. He told me he’d been scrimping and saving to surprise her like that.

Today is mellow. Overall: The cat is doing better. Zootie is nearly himself, although his weight is down, he is eating. I am having to mix his medication for the diabetes (apparently his body is producing insulin now, but not enough, so this is a lower-dosage, in tablet form) with his Fancy Feast. This is tricky because his brother sees Zootie eating and wants some. But I can’t give him any of that. Sheesh. It’s always something. But he’s getting the meds, his brother is as loud and obnoxious as ever … 15 years old and going.

Not a lot else to say at this time. Oh, Sandra is dropping by (just showed up) to have a bodice fit/re-fit … but other than that a mellow weekend. Um, History site — I finished a major project during the break in quarters, scanning older issues of The Page and getting the copy up on the site. At this point any event that had event copy in The Page has been put up on the site. That was a big project (48 years worth of newsletters).

I got convinced to start watching some Dr. Who. The original series was so bad that I couldn’t watch it. I tried. But the new version isn’t horrible. I watched five episodes yesterday afternoon (via Amazon Prime — free, since I am a Prime member …). I’ll probably watch some more. I may watch some today. We’ll see. Suppose I’ve rambled enough …

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