The DMV is both a mess and really organized

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So, last week when I tried to go to the DMV, turns out that the “birth certificate” that I had was not “good enough” — it was a “souvenir” birth certificate. Weirdly, it’s worked in the past when I needed it, but not at the DMV for the RealID. No, I needed a “certified” birth certificate. Ugh. So I stormed home, cursing and swearing and really pissed off at the DMV. I mean, if that’s what is required, why doesn’t the website note it, and just to make things easier, note the difference between a “souvenir” and a “certified” birth certificate? Ugh.

Over the weekend, Lune got sick. Seriously sick. As in making loud complaints about pain. We dropped everything and took him to the vet. Seems he had kidney stones or something in his bladder and he couldn’t pee. So, they had to do surgery, and them keep him there for a couple nights, (make sure he’s peeing on his own, and so on) and … the cost was staggering, because they are young cats, we figured we didn’t need pet insurance right away. We shoulda known better. One of the things CJ needs to do now is research that and find something not too expensive, but after that payout (luckily she has enough in the bank …). Lune is being very mellow (the meds have a lot to do with it), he’s being good, not cleaning the stitches, and so on. We brought him home Monday evening, it’s now Wednesday. Pain meds, meds to keep him from spasming in the stomach and new food. The new food is being a problem … Panda doesn’t like it. Sigh. And Lune’s appetite is low although I have a feeling it will start to pick up a bit. He is actually showing some energy today. He’s been sleeping under the duvet cover on the bed, but has come out more today. He still retreats there, but he came to the office a couple times. I have to help him get into the window sill, but when he shows me he wants up, I help him out (normally he just jumps right up). Recovery seems to be happening. The interesting thing is just how affectionate he’s gotten. Of course, once recovered that may lapse back to his callow-youth phase, but for now, we’ll take it. He purrs when you start to pet him almost immediately.

Back to the DMV … (and last week) Ranted about this on Facebook, and went out to the DMV site to find out what the F*** I needed. Seems you have to go through one of two third-party agencies these days to get a “certified” birth certificate. Fill out forms online, pay your money, and in 90+ days you should get it. (90+ days?? WTF??) In the meantime, mom remembered that she had a certified birth certificate, found it, dated 1974, but it had a purple stamp that said it’s only certified if it has that, and mailed it to me. It arrived … so eventually I will have two, but that’s okay.

Went back down this morning. They are normally open at 8, EXCEPT WEDNESDAYS, when they open at 9. HUH? Why? That makes NO sense.

Grumble, mutter. Came home. Spent some time checking on the cats, and all that. Went back a bit after 8, and got in line, at 35 degrees (yes, 35! three degrees above freezing). And waited, and waited. This is where the “efficient” part comes in. Eventually they sent a bunch of people out to check paperwork, and determine if you went into the “they go first” line, or “they go after the other line”. I got into the “first” line. About 10 minutes later the doors open, I was the third one in and right to a “window”, and then within 10 minutes paperwork was processed, copies of things made, forms filled out and signed, went and did a photo, and et voila, I was out the door in 10 minutes. Efficient. Once you know what paperwork you really need. Sheesh.

So, in 2-4 weeks, new Driver’s License with the RealID which is useful for travel within the US. Next up, passports. Ours expired just long enough ago that we have to go in person to a passport office. But, we did get photos at AAA. So we’re ready, sorta. Need to fill out the paperwork and set up an appointment and … (the tough part is she has to have the time off work to do it, because most of these things only work during the work week …).

Anyway, on top of it all, got herself’s head cold (not surprising, but still, one can try …). Bleah. the Sudafed is leaving me a bit groggy, a nap may be in order …

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