Dealing with the fun of identification these days

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So, today I am dealing with renewing my driver’s license, which expires on my birthday in three months, because I also need to update it to use RealID, because we do sometimes fly places here in the US. Heading to the DMV in a bit to stand outside the office and wait in line for them to open, because there are no appointments available before my birthday. How stupid is that? Well, not enough employees at the DMV, and a shit-ton of people wanting appointments. Since I am not working, I can just go down there … So, spent time online gathering the paperwork, filling out the application, hopefully after I get in and see someone it will be as simple as them checking my paperwork, and taking my photo, then I’ll be outta there. (Heading down there at 7ish, the local DMV is like 10 minutes away depending on traffic, the office opens at 8 …)

On the flip side, since CJ and I are going to Switzerland in May to see my niece’s college graduation and visit/be touristas for a few days, we also need to deal with passport-fu, because it’s been long enough since we went to London that our passports have expired. Yipee. We need to get that taken care of soon, because the current administration at the US government level has downsized and are being really hyper-critical of anyone traveling. Next week we’re going to head to the local AAA and get passport photos, and while we’re at it apply for an International Driver’s License, as we’ll be renting a car (Gail, my SIL is likely to do most or all of the driving, but just in case …), and try to do the passports online (it’s my understanding you can apply, may need to mail the expired passports to them so they get “cancelled” properly, we’ll see). And last-but-not-least, we’re looking into the TSA Pre-check, with the “Global” option (only another $15). Not sure if that’s a per-year thing, or what, but still, probably worth it.

It’s cold lately, so standing outside the DMV will be … fun. (Temperatures in the high 30s right now in Walnut Creek.) Such is life.

Herself has been fighting a cold, which means I’m fighting a cold. Bleah. Hope neither of us get the full-brunt of it. Problem with 12th Night (SCA event we went to last weekend) is that it’s in a hotel, which means recycled air, which means bugs don’t go anywhere, and get pushed around the hotel. Anyone who comes to the hotel with even the tiniest amount of a cold or flu symptom may be a vector for these things, and suddenly a bunch of folk get ‘em. “Con Crud” … sigh. Oh well. Getting to be time to gather things up, grab my coat and scarf, and head out the door.

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