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Okay, my previous post was a “pitiful me” post, but most of the time I don’t really feel all that bad. You kinda get used to spending most of your days by yourself, and I usually have plenty of things to do.

This last weekend was (SCA) West Kingdom 12th Night, in a hotel, and tons of socializing. That was great. While being an introvert sometimes, I do have my extrovert side, and getting to see people, some of whom I don’t see very often, was great. I ended up hanging out at the bar (not by myself) with a variety of folk in the evenings, and even went to the Ducal Party in the evening (for the newest Duchess). The heralds meeting on Sunday was good. So … at least I can get a bit of people-time in periodically. Still miss seeing people more often, but life is what it is.

Update on me and mine (that hopefully isn’t as depressing as previous post):

1) The cats are great. The weather’s been really cold (got down to the low 30s last night), and Lune tends to sleep behind my knees. I am good with this, but it does mean I don’t move as much as I might otherwise. Panda often doesn’t sleep on the bed, which is a shame as he loves warmth, but for whatever reason he doesn’t settle well on the bed, or even  under the covers most of the time. He tried a couple times this morning, but just couldn’t settle … oh well.

2) Health: overall okay. The holidays were bad for my waistline (well, my lack of self-control was), and I need to do something about that (ugh, the “d” word). Otherwise, except for a tooth issue (in a moment), generally pretty good.

Tooth-issue: before Thanksgiving I started experiencing nasty stabbing bouts of pain in one of my molars, one of the ones with a crown (I have several). Saw the dentist, he couldn’t find a problem, xrayed the roots, no sign of infection. But, to be safe, I got a prescription for antibiotics, to see if that would solve the issue. (On the way back from Kaiser with my meds, I got rear-ended, sigh, but no major damage to car — it was something like 5mph at most, a paint exchange on the bumper, and insurance took care of it.) The antibiotics helped a little, but the pain suddenly shifted to the molar behind the one that it started at. Ugh. Anyway, went back to the dentist before Christmas (timing is fun), and had it looked at again, he did some grinding on the teeth … and things sort of settled … the bite had been off a little, so … okay. But within a few days it started causing problems again. Before New Years I went back in, he still couldn’t find anything, did some more work on the teeth to get the bite correct. And prescribed more antibiotics. Yeesh. So, okay (no car accident this time). Most of the pain is gone, but when my bite is off, I can press on the crown and feel it move just a tiny amount. I am sure the crown is just loose, and needs to be pulled, cleaned, the root cleaned, and re-glued back into place. So, today I’m going back in … yipee. Good thing we have insurance. This dentist has been great, I am not angry about any of this, he’s being conservative, didn’t want to pull the crown unless needed, but after three visits, it’s time I think. Hopefully there will be no need for a root canal.

My arthritis is still there, the cold seems to make it a bit worse, but most of the time it’s livable. However I want to go in and see the doctor. The previous doctor who told me that it was “a consequence of aging” is no longer there, which is fine by me. He had some attitude problems, IMO. I just need to get myself in the right frame of mind and go in.

3) Jobs: not great. Nothing really happening. CJ gives me money (pretty much an allowance) every so often so I can cover bills (most of which are household anyway — groceries, cat food, gas, etc.), but it’s frustrating. I may have to find a job in retail despite the fact it’s a huge letdown for someone with my background, but what can I do? The tech industry has serious ageism issues.

4) Keeping myself busy, over the last couple years huge amounts of work on SCA-related databases, including moving all the old information to the new version, and such. More to go, but it’s been keeping my brain active, which is good. I could just sit in front of the TV all day and turn into a drooling idiot, but I’d rather not. I do watch “my shows”, and have a few to catch up on, but that’s okay. Also — cooking … I have a Sir Lankan cookbook now that’s been keeping me busy. Similar to Indian, but different as well.

5) CJ’s health — she’s planning on dealing with another cataract surgery after we get back from a trip to Europe (more on that in a later post, I’m sure). Otherwise she seems to be doing fine health-wise, except for the stress from her job and commute.

6) Saw a financial advisor yesterday, CJ’s mother left a trust for the “kids”, and there’s enough there that there were concerns about interest and taxes. And in the process we (meaning she and I) now have a financial advisor as she is already working with money that belongs to us (and the siblings), to help us prepare for retirement (we’re both over 60 now). That’s a good thing™. We’ll need to set up an appointment and probably provide a bunch of details on 401K and my IRA and all that, but still … sounds like a good idea, to me.

It’s getting close to time to head off to the dentist, so need to do a quick edit on this before posting it, go pet the cats, and head out … yipee ki yay …!

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