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The title of this post is a reference to my big project, the West Kingdom History site revamp. Have been spending VAST amounts of time updating data. Finished the current part of it, and am now looking at the next. Working on table structures and next up the code part. It’s kind of a toss-up whether I should be working on the administrative part, or the front-end part, they’re both vital, and sometimes one helps drive the other, and vice versa. Ugh. Oh well. Taking a breather to catch up a bit here.

So, a week … nearly two … ago, I picked up a bug my wife managed to get (some nasty-ass cold). Took me out for a week, the worst part being that coughing a) messed with my stomach wall (not fully healed yet from the surgery), and b) messed with my incontinence issues which I was making good progress with. Every cough a spasm on the stomach wall which hits the bladder which causes small leaks. Sigh. No fun at all. Now that the cold is mostly gone (some last vestiges, these things take for-freaking-ever to go away these days, and I’m sure it’s not just my age — people younger than me are struggling with these things too). Anyway … getting better.

Herself is stressing about work, she has no clue if in a year she’ll still be working at the company she’s at (no names), which would be seriously distressing … she hopes to stick on until retirement (66, she’s 61 now). If they lay her off, I think she’ll have two years of coverage after, but that’s not the five she needs. And since I’m not working (seriously, some part-time stuff that comes and goes) that is even harder. The company keeps reorganizing … it’s very frustrating. She keeps hanging in there, but she’s worried that they’ll try to push her out sooner than she’s ready. Luckily her bosses like her, but still there’s never a guarantee anymore.

Anyway … not a lot else. Cats are as great as ever, goofballs. Herself is mostly back to healthy from the bug, I’m mostly back to healthy from the bug. It’s now just finishing recovery from the surgery. And working on that History project. Man, that is a monster. I knew it would be, but still … Suppose that’s about all I need to put in here for the moment. Just felt I should post once in a while.

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