Having a cold while recovering from surgery – no fun

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Okay, last week, herself got a head cold (possibly something involving a fever). I thought maybe (knock on silicon) I had avoided it, until Sunday afternoon/evening. Ugh. Monday was horrid, I spent most of the day in my easy chair watching TV and dozing. I did almost nothing else, except get up to use the bathroom, feed the cats, etc.

Tuesday … only marginally better, but my throat — oh my gawd, my throat hurt. (Still does) And my head. And my stomach wall, because I coughed a lot, which hits the core muscles which are … the stomach wall, and mine is recovering from six incisions a couple months ago.

Today, a bit better, head a little less weird (but still weird), but the coughing was even worse. The biggest issue with the coughing is that despite all my work on getting the incontinence under control, the short hard bursts of energy on the stomach wall hit the bladder and if there’s anything in there, you get some leakage. That’s annoying. What was worse was that today I fell asleep (still mostly napping and watching stuff on the tube) and woke up with a wet spot in my jeans — big enough that I smelled the ammonia smell, and so on. Went upstairs, changed the underwear, pad, and jeans, and washed the jeans. Sheesh.

Nearly every single cough … argh. It’s very hard on the psyche among other things. Oh well. Off to take some Nyquill and crawl into bed with a book. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

On the positive side, Saturday was the two month anniversary of the surgery, so … something to keep in mind. Sigh.

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