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Well, another couple of months slowly rolled past with me hardly even thinking about coming out here and saying anything. I guess Facebook has kinda killed my need to come here and say much. The following is lots of random stream-of-conscious thoughts …

My energy levels have been kinda sucky (I think some depression is involved — jobs, etc.), although my health is mostly okay. I’ve had a couple of bouts of light-headed-ness recently, the most recent was Tuesday night. I stood up and was light-headed. Went to feed the cats before coming to bed, and bending to get their dishes over I felt it again, when I came upstairs and lay down, then stood up to do something I felt it … that had me worried, and I slept really badly because of it. But the next day it was gone, whatever it was. However I ended up not going to the gym because I was worried about it. That’s partially because this happened a week ago at the gym, I got through the elliptical, a couple weight machines, and suddenly felt light-headed. Came home instead of trying to finish my exercises. Herself made me call the advise nurse at Kaiser for that, but nothing came of it … and I was okay on Friday when I went to the gym. So …

Otherwise my health seems to be pretty good, although my PSA is back up again (it had started going down, but the last test was at something like 9.9, and the “we have to do something” point is 10 … maybe the next test will go back down … not counting on it, though). Planning on going to the gym tomorrow, so we’ll see.

CJ is exhausted most of the time, work is wiping her out (lots of 12 hour days, including a nasty commute — BART is getting worse, rather than better). Unfortunately she stress eats, meaning while she had a good sized dinner last night, she made a huge amount of popcorn and chowed down on it … she does this often. It means she is gaining weight because her stomach is never full after a meal. Sigh. I find I can’t eat as much or I feel bloated (which is weird to me but changes in metabolism as we age, I guess).

One of the places I was distributing my dBASE books in PDF form (in New Zealand) is going under at the end of the month. After some frantic searching around to find a new place to distribute the books that won’t charge an arm and a leg, I got a pointer from one of my friends in the newsgroups … an article about using Google Drive and PayPal and the combination of them (and a Google Script) makes it possible for someone to pay through PayPal, which sends an email to a specific address, the script then returns an email to them with the URL for the PDF, and all is well. I had two people order books the same day I set it all up, one in Australia took 72 minutes to get the email with the PDF, the other in Finland took 3 minutes. Gad. All done-done and working. I don’t need to monitor it, except to pull the money from PayPal to my regular banking account periodically, and there we are. I don’t expect huge sales, but it’s good to know it works …

The kittens are pretty much full size cats. We’ve had them living with us for over a year now, and they are as sweet and full of energy as ever. Panda has been the “faithful companion” — he likes being near us, and when I come up to my office, he almost always follows and hangs out (sometimes gets behind me in the chair, but mostly just hangs out nearby). Lune, well, he’s more random. Sometimes he hangs with us, sometimes he’s off doing “Lune things”. But all is good. They play together, although they seldom sleep together. With it being warmer (summer in Diablo Valley), neither of them sleeps on the bed much, although if it gets cold sometimes Panda does. Over the winter there were some nights we had both of them, but Lune is spending less time sleeping with us … being Mr. Independent, I guess.

Job situation still sucks for me, I may have to find a job in a field I have no experience in just to work and bring in some money. OfficePro has a one-day job that was supposed to happen a couple months ago, got pushed to mid-July because it’s about conference room hardware and software, and the room I was supposed to demo in wasn’t done. Weird. On the plus side, some work with Pearson doing tech editing, and more than I had originally been contacted about, but it’s slow … one of the authors went on vacation in the middle of it. Sheesh. (Well, I guess she’s a full time instructor too, and when the semester was over … but good grief …) To date I’ve done four chapters, but the list of chapters I am being tapped for is fairly large, just waiting for everything to come together. Having written several programming books, I know that there’s a lot to it, and when it’s a big publisher like Pearson, they have specific requirements and needs that my books don’t have, so that adds more work to the process.

Am really concerned about the dismantling of America that our current “president” and the GOP are doing. Unfortunately, I live in a place where my reps are democrats, and so telling them to do something is silly as they are doing what they can (which sadly isn’t much). We need everyone to get off their asses and actually vote, or this trend will continue. It’s sad that the GOP can get voters out but the democrats can’t. We have to get these people out of office so we can bring the country back to where it should be, instead of trashing it (and in the process doing much damage to the rest of the world). But this is not really the place to talk politics, I’ve never been an activist, but I do vote and I do pay attention (we watch the news in the morning and evening) … wish more people did.

Can’t really think of much else to say. Life’s trundling along. Not great, but it could be worse. Suppose I’ll sign off now. It’s not like I expect anyone actually reads all this anyway.

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