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Feeling a bit out of it lately. I have managed to complete most of the coding for the main CMS I have been building. Working on documenting some “tips” for some of the things I did, which is amusing and interesting. But …

Out of it because … well, among other things last night CJ got off work so late that she wasn’t home until 8:30pm, and THEN I got to make dinner. Having dinner at close to 9:00 in the evening, when you typically go to bed at 9:30 or so, is just … wrong. Sigh.

The problem is that while my wife is happy to be employed, has a great boss, some of the people she works with are totally incompetent — to the tune of close to 100 million dollars in transfers being screwed up, which she and her team had to fix, and then she had to document (which apparently has to be done the same day, which is why she was so late). This kind of thing happens way too often, and honestly I am wondering how come no heads are rolling on the floor. But, not my business, except that it screws up my life.

Thanksgiving was okay. It was at the sister-in-law’s “new” house in Sacramento (“new” in that she’s now the owner, but it’s the house her mother lived in for close to 30 years, and it was sold to her by the step-father). We went up Wednesday evening and were there through Friday evening, because CJ’s brother was in town (he’s now a full pilot at Alaska Airlines, and gets layovers in the Bay Area again, which he’s happy about). It was nice to see Bill, but two nights in an unfamiliar bed, etc, was off-putting. Oh well. And frankly, turkey dinner doesn’t make me all excited like it does some folk.

The rest of the weekend was okay, but not all that exciting. We did get out Sunday and see Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them (part of the Harry Potter universe) — that was fun. But otherwise …

Went and had my follow-up CT Scan Monday, but have not heard back from a doctor about results. I assume since I haven’t gotten a panicky “CALL US NOW” that things aren’t bad, and hopefully all is well.

I am finally starting to consider getting back into the job market more, partially because my savings are slowly dropping. I still have money, but … sigh. And frankly I need to be making more money and contributing more around here. I pay a couple of regular bills (cell phones and internet web hosting with Earthlink, as well as a lot of food bills, gas, etc.). However, I am not paying part of the mortgage costs, etc. I need to be doing more of that, I feel bad (it sits in the back of my fuzzy brain and bothers me) that I’m not doing more there.

Herself is refinancing the house again, better interest rate, drop the monthly mortgage payments. We’re looking at ways to bring the cable bill down (I think we need to just go in and renegotiate with them), and I am considering trying to work with the cell phone folk and see what I can do to bring that down.

We’re both tired all the time, but I have less reason to be so than herself, she’s the one working herself so hard. It’s been weird. Very weird. I almost feel on the verge of depression again, despite seeing so much progress with the CMS project.

Speaking of that: next up, delete the existing data, document the whole process of setting it up and using it, including deployment. For that to work I am going to take my bio and convert it over (including the WordPress stuff) … that will take some time, but it will be a viable test, and it will ultimately mean having the whole thing in one place. The documentation will include screen captures, etc. So … lots of work there, but I hope to make it easier to understand and use. We’ll see.

I guess the other part of my near-depression is the whole “country going to hell in a handbasket” feeling after the elections. Looking at the people the president-elect is putting into office is frightening. Looking at the way people out there (white males, mostly) reacting to this guy being the president elect and feeling like they can now act out in ways that are so wrong … (threatening Muslims or people they think are Muslim, same for Mexicans, blacks, etc … WTF???). The next two years are going to be fugly. I can only hope that a few Republicans, as well as the Democrats in Congress can pull together and fight back against anything they can legally do … and the election in two years most of the house and the senate seats are up for election, it’s time to make some changes there. Sigh.

Well, anyway, that’s about it for politics on this site. I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about it …

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