Good thing we have insurance …

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Herself got the bill from Kaiser form my hospital stay (that whole pancreatitis thing) — pre-insurance payments. It’s alarming. Three+ days in the hospital: over $30,000. The insurance will cover a good portion of it, but good grief. It’s a huge ripoff, I tell ya’.

So she had to work late last night (got a phone call from someone around 2am after she had crawled into bed) for a deployment at work. She has more deployment fun today. Sigh.

Tomorrow however will be fun, we’re doing Donna’s “cheese crawl” again. The only worry is that it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow, but oh well. We need the rain, can’t complain too loudly about that.

Haven’t been as productive as I’d like this week. I have one more item for the CMS and some cleanup to do (some of that’s done); then documentation. Got siderailed with a new beta for dBASE, added a couple chapters to my book, moved some things around. Ran into numerous bugs with new features, one of which halted me yesterday. Sigh. Oh well.

This coming week is Thanksgiving, which will be at Gail’s new place, her mom and step-father’s place in Sacramento. Tom sold it to her, and she scarfed it up.

Of course, I have to do low-fat for a while longer, and “no booze” for a bit. That’s part of the recovery from the pancreatitis. I’ve been eating okay, the GI tract is fine, no pain … but still … not pushing too hard on that front. Minor changes in the diet here and there. Her eye is recovering, she has an appointment in a couple weeks to have it looked at, and the Monday after T-Day I have my cat-scan to make sure the pancreas is okay. Then I can go back to the gym, and life get back to semi-normal, I think. Be nice to have some wine on the weekends. Sigh.

Well, I’m not sleeping, although I had hoped to, but that’s life. Suppose I oughta shower, go make coffee, all that fun stuff.

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