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I still haven’t said much about the election. Partially because others have said it better, and partially because I just don’t really have much I can add to what’s been said. Sometimes silence is good, I guess. Disappointed, yes. Hopeful, a little … cautious, though. Being very cautious. The DNC really screwed up and didn’t address people they should have, didn’t deal with their concerns, and now the whole nation is facing a problem of epic proportion. But … I hope we can get through it with minimal damage. I honestly don’t know.

Anyway … went and saw the doctor today as a follow-up to my “fun” of last weekend. My weight is down to about 193 lbs, the lowest it’s been in many years (I attribute that a little to the exercise I’ve been doing, but more to the nearly a week of low appetite, the hospital stay with very little food (to avoid aggravating the Pancreas), and now the low-fat diet I’m on. It’s not 100% fat-free, but …) I have been worried about my blood pressure, because about six months ago I had stomach pains, saw a doctor, and my pressure was high. It was really high at points during the hospital stay. Instead I ended up with a blood pressure reading today of 125/82 or something very close to those numbers, which my doctor told me is good for a teenager. So … there’s that. I got a pneumonia shot (sheesh) because they’re worried about my immune system (between the prostate cancer and now all this fun).

The next (and hopefully) last follow-up on that issue is the Monday after Thanksgiving, where I get a new CT Scan of my pancreas.

Am very close to done with the base CMS code, only to have the folk at dBASE throw a lot of new features into the beta of dBASE (and it’s time to start testing things and putting examples into the next version of The dBASE Book Plus) … so the “finish” of the CMS is sort of on hold for a bit, until I reach a point that I’m feeling like all is in decent shapes. Lots of bugs cropping up … but thats’ life.

SCA stuff: CJ’s started to feel like sewing a bit, and is starting a new riding houppelande for me, maybe in time for 12th Night. One of our friends who is an amazing jeweler is starting the design work on a new coronet for me (my old one is a) heavy, and b) not really flashy … it is nice, but …). He said last time we talked face to face that he could have it done by 12th Night, but he has a real job, and a wife who keeps him busy (trips, they’ve been to various parts of Europe in the last few years), and … and … so I am not feeling sure it’ll be done by 12th Night. On the other hand, he may just get into a “get ‘er done” mode or something. I dunno. Be cool to have it then.

CJ’s eye is healing, she’s in that weird state where if she has her glasses on, her “good” eye is no longer the good one, but if she has the glasses off, her “good” eye is definitely the good one … it’s a bit disconcerting, I’m sure. She has a follow up in December.

Well, I probably ought to get back to working on something. Or not. Feeling a bit tired, sleep was a little unsettled last night, or at least I feel like I didn’t get enough.

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