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Gad, this small project has gotten away from me. It’s turned into a big one. And I’m far from done. BUT, I am learning a lot of PHP, and a few other things as well.

I probably ought to be doing the whole thing with Object Oriented PHP, but the syntax throws me (with -> for separators, rather than a period/dot, among other things).

BUT, I’m making progress. The user login/logout/register/change password/forgot password code appears to be working. The code for building site menus from tables appears to be working. The flexibility issues make things interesting. I have a few options I need to work with. I started one of the configuration pages and that seems to be working (albeit with a weirdness, but …).

On other fronts … well, herself has had the last week off, so we’ve been avoiding being under-foot for each other a lot. We’ve also gotten out and seen some folk, which was nice. Last night was fun, we saw our SCA apprentices (who have been Laurels for a long time) and one of their apprentices who is a good friend. Sandra took a fun photo (below) at the antique shop next to the restaurant.

Still doing the gym, slowly upping my game a little at a time. Not by leaps and bounds, but … I have more muscle definition in my arms than I think I ever have before. My biceps and triceps are getting big. (Well, not huge, but …) Other than that well … not a lot going on. Too much time coding, though. I’m reaching that point where I’m seeing code in my dreams again. Gotta be careful there.

Well, wanted to update a little. There you go. Here’s the photo Sandra did last night:

Ken and Large Brass Stag

A Couple of Young Bucks Hanging Out

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