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So … the drywall guys came in and worked from Thursday through Saturday, a bit at a time, as some of what they did required the mud (plaster) or texturing or paint to dry.

It’s done-done. Herself has the week off (although she had a couple deployment things Saturday night and Sunday morning), through Monday (Labor Day). Of course, any time she’s home and I’m home we have to avoid getting under each others’ feet, in each others’ way. Sigh.

I decided as part of my learning about Content Management Software to spend some time working on user account stuff, which frankly is harder than I thought it would be. However, I’m getting close to done. I have set up a simple CMS with a complex user system (many options, which is why it’s complex, including no users needed for the site except administrative …). The idea is that the actual content is all kept in a database, including definitions of many things. There are still some things to complete, some issues to work out … but I’m making some real progress, and starting to feel like all these years coding and I can still do things. I can figure out how to do things without asking someone (these days many people have been there before me, so going out and searching the web I can find pages and pages of situations where there might actually be the answer I was looking for). It’s a bit of a rabbit hole some days, but there we are. I actually intend to use some of the ideas that I’ve been working on for at least a couple of different sites some day, and in the process am building my knowledge.

Speaking of which, I finished another course in Udemy on Drupal 8, and started yet another Web course (Web Developer Bootcamp). This one is hard, because the first few lessons are super basic, although I did learn about something in the “intermediate HTML” course that I hadn’t seen before, so there is that. It’s a huge course, and it was “on sale” … list price was $200, I paid $10. Slow going, because I am doing a bit at a time.

Exercise is still happening. One of my friends (a divorcee mother of several kids who is busy all the time) just discovered on Facebook that I am doing it and has been super encouraging, and several others who have been following along have been, too. I’m feeling stronger than I ever have, I have muscle strength in my arms that I don’t recall having for many years, and so on. I am keeping an eye on my heartrate though, as several weeks ago (I’m pretty sure I mentioned this at that time, or around it) I brought it up to over 160, and got light-headed at the gym — ended up coming home. But only the one time …

Since herself is off this week, we went with Don and BJ to Skates in Berkeley for lunch today. That was fun, but the waitress we got was “too cool for school”, and lost our order. We got the appetizers, but 20+ minutes later and we still didn’t see the entrees, I flagged down a manager. We eventually got our food, which was excellent. But that was unusual. They have a good rep, and my wife and BJ really love the place … (heck, seafood, by the bay … kinda nice).

Anyway … just wanted to catch up, throw some thoughts out there … and awaaaay we go.

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