Boring weekend, and moving on …

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So the weekend was really dull for the most part. CJ had an “Art Day” in Benicia with her best friend BJ, and Ellie and Robin — they did scribal stuff, painted, etc. I came over later and we had BJ’s tacos (I ate too many … oof), and watched “The Woman in Gold” (better movie than I expected), came home and crashed. The exciting thing was CJ dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Luckily she got it out quickly and got it into a bag of rice. BJ went nuts researching ways to solve the problem (which got old really fast). The bag of rice did the trick. It wasn’t in the toilet for long and was in the case … so not a lot of water got into it, if any. She powered it down and left it in the rice for 24 hours. Sunday evening she turned it on and it seemed fine.

Sunday I watched movies, she did a bunch of stuff, and watched some movies. I really wanted to stay out of her way. She needed to use the computer for part of the day, did laundry, etc.

Pretty damn dull weekend, really. Not a bad weekend, just … boring.

Yesterday no biggie, but today in theory the drywall guy is coming, and so I get more contractors in the house. At least one. Yipee. I’m already tired of it and he’s not even here yet. Of course, waking up at 2am (and tossing and turning until the alarm went off) didn’t help much.

ETA: Grumble, mutter. Not today after all. Tomorrow … drywall guy is running late on a project … argh. I really dislike having my whole set of plans disrupted …

Working my way through a course on Drupal, the instructor posted lessons in the wrong sequence. Stuff dealing with users is after another section — which is weird, because a tab we added in the main navigation menu is not there, and in an earlier lesson the users were added and she referenced them for different things. Argh. I hate that kind of disorganization. Not sure why she did things that way — it’s confusing and irritating.

Oh well. Starting to feel like I’m making some progress with the beginning parts of the Awards List going to the web. That’s going to be a long project, and I’m only barely getting started, but I am seeing a lot of it in my head (which may be good, it may be bad, I dunno …). If I can get that going I’ll feel a lot better about it. I was making myself crazy yesterday trying to get the user forms to work so I could create the first user and realized I was being a dork about it, and threw together a simple program that created a user with a properly encrypted password (which was part of the problem). D’oh. Need to make sure I don’t delete that little program, it’s rather handy. Still puzzling through a few things (making sure the username is unique, should probably do the same for the email address …).

Once I have that working, the fun part is moving the data over. I am hoping that soon I can start tinkering with a new release of dBASE (going into beta soon, or so we’ve been told), which comes with a data migration tool … easier than rolling your own, and while there is one already in a freeware library of code I maintain, last time it was worked on was 9 years ago. Not sure I trust it with current versions of dBASE and MySQL.

Ah well. Expecting the drywall guy soon, suppose I ought to take the art down … do something at least a little constructive.

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