Termites … one learns the darndest things …

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As noted in previous post, we have termite damage (or, I should say, “had”, since the bad wood’s been replaced today).

Guy from “Orange Planet” came out to assess and give us an estimate to spray. (Agh! NOT CHEAP)

There are basically two main types (I am sure that someone who studied insects could break it down further) — ones that live in the ground (that’s what we got hit with) — they have to, in a 24 hour period, go out of the ground into the house, eat what they can, go back to ground. Otherwise they dry out and die. The others are “dry” termites — they don’t need to go to ground (the assessor checked our attic …).

We’re spraying for both, which is fun, as the house is on a concrete slab, so they have to drill through the slab in places … the attic, well, it’s the attic … oy.

Getting tired of all this, but soon it will be over.

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