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This week has been taken up by home improvements. When the contractor came out nearly 6 weeks ago (or more?) to do measurements for the door, he had to pull some molding and such from around the door to get to the frame.

What did he discover? Termite damage. EEEP! So, he warned us it could be “not too bad”, but it could be “really bad”.

It turns out that the previous owner discovered termites at some point before selling the place. What he did was have the place sprayed, but did not deal with the damage. We had no way of knowing that. Apparently the termite thing was mentioned in some of the documentation, CJ remembers it, I don’t. Sigh. Not real thrilled with the way the guy dealt with it.

Anyway, so … this week before doing much else, the contractor brought the door and new framework, and then started removing drywall. I was really concerned when I heard “Oh, shit!” at one point on Monday. He did some more, but left about halfway through the day, with a promise that Tuesday his partner and he would be out, and then the partner would work on things. He did come back Monday evening to talk to CJ, as she’s the money on this. We decided to see how bad it really was and figure out what to do from there.

Yesterday the two of them came out, and then the main guy had to leave to enroll his kid in school so after discussing what needed doing, he took off. But the other guy worked hard. He pulled drywall, he had to cut through some wood, but it appears that the damage isn’t really as bad as it looked. The termites chose to eat the paper off some of the drywall in some places, but didn’t get into the wood. He cleaned up the excrement left by them, and the amount of work, while more than we hoped for, isn’t anywhere near as bad as it might have been. These guys are showing a lot of integrity, IMO. They could have “decided” that it was a lot worse, made more money, and … but they’re only doing what needs to be done.

There is some structural damage, parts that need replacing, but it doesn’t appear to be horrid. They’re doing that today, and putting the new frame and door in. This afternoon a termite company is sending out an inspector to give us an estimate. The contractor likes working with one of the more eco-friendly services (using orange-oil, rather than nasty pesticides), which is kinda cool. If we agree to their assessment (fees) then they’ll come out Friday. After that dries, THEN the drywall guy can come in and hang the drywall, paint, and all that, and we’ll finally be done.

Ugh. Hard to concentrate when any moment a power tool goes off with no warning. I don’t blame these guys, but I am not being very productive. Sigh. Such is life. I’ve thought about watching something on the computer (lord knows I have a lot of stuff I could watch), but even that’s hard to deal with. Oh well. I’ll survive.


Other than that … well, let’s see. CJ’s cellulitis cleared up (antibiotics did their job). Job search still sucks. Taking lessons on Drupal (web technology stuff) through Udemy. Not sure I’ll ever use it, but … it’s interesting. I may take some time at some point and look at the table structure which may give me some ideas for my own CMS stuff. Starting (slowly) to work on Heralds stuff going to CMS (thought I might use Drupal for that, but probably not). Getting some basic layout stuff done right now, tinkering with some tools (need to find a good grid, for example to use through PHP, and figuring out how to do PDFs via PHP …).

CJ did her trip to N. Carolina and her worst fear did not come true (she was really worried they’d demand we move there). She got some talks in with her manager, and they’re trying to find ways to lighten her load a bit. One problem with being good, people expect more and more from you, which can be a problem. She’s exhausted a lot, and frustrated by the number of weekends she’s had to work this year. Last year she worked 5 weekends. This year to date: 13 or 14 (not sure if last weekend was 13 or not). Not good. Her boss was a bit surprised. So they’re trying to work that issue out as well.

Keeping at least moderately busy. Still going to the gym. All the weight machines are at 100 pounds or more, hitting about 3.5 miles on the elliptical each time, still three days a week. Just hanging in there.

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