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So … still doing the gym, into week 13 of going three days a week. Have been slowly improving weights, and hit 20 minutes on the elliptical a while back, but continue to do that. I can feel a huge difference in the way I feel and the way my body feels.

Job interview the other day, haven’t heard anything back yet, but they had several people they were interviewing. I have a feeling I probably didn’t get it. It’s the way my life seems to be going.

Figured out that I just still seem to have a block about the one one CMS I was trying to build because it’s overwhelming. It is bigger than I thought it would be. I am thinking about trying to turn my autobiography (including the stuff in plain HTML as well as what I’ve put here in WordPress) into a full CMS of my own design. It would be (hopefully) simpler than what I was trying and would get me feeling better about my skills. Completing a project like that would give me some confidence.

Also thinking about revising The dBASE Reports book, which is the only one that is not being published via Amazon, but is still being done by AuthorHouse. It hasn’t been updated in a long time. Been mulling that over a bit.

Still doing SCA History site updates. Golden Beltane brought out a bunch of the old-timers, some of whom weren’t that active, some who were at least a bit active in other parts of the country, and that’s producing various interesting bits. I got a collection of newsletters from one person, and may get another soon … am hoping to have *all* originals at some point.

CJ is almost done (finally) with being exchequer. Saturday is the day (two days!!) … I am hoping we can start having more of a social life after that. She’s still going to be helping out her successor, but with a task that will be less onerous. Her real job is tough enough, and they’re sending her to Charlotte for a few days in August. She’s worried that they may force us to move there. Ugh. That would suck. Seriously. (Her brain tends to hit the worst-case-scenario first …) She’s hoping that instead they’ll move her offices out to Concord, which would be an easier commute. They’re probably moving some offices from San Francisco out there because of cost, so … here’s hoping.

I am hitting a depressed state again, which is not good. Not getting all that much accomplished, not feeling all that useful. Sigh. Maybe I need to bump the gym up to five days a week. It’s paid for and doesn’t matter how many days I go in a month.

We got the go-ahead from our Home Owner’s Association to have the front door replaced (they don’t make that stuff easy), but when the contractor came out to remove the inside molding to get exact measurements for the framework, he found termite damage. Did not find any live ones, but … when the door and framework arrive, he is going to remove more of the drywall to see how bad the damage is, and how much structure needs to be replaced, if any. It looks like they hit a certain point and stopped. No clue why. Figures.

Not sleeping well, which may be part of my feeling a bit down today. There seems to be a general state of ennui among some of my friends, I don’t know what’s in the air right now. I wish it would just go away.

The primary elections are done, things are still weird right now. The only thing I can say is that I sure hope we don’t end up with Trump in the White House. He’s a big blow-hard know-nothing and would be a horrible President of the US. It’s scary that he’s even this close.

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