Ugh … it’s Wednesday already …

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Not a real productive week so far. Sigh.

Gym Week 4, Day 2 — upped the elliptical to 8 minutes. I seem to be doing okay there. The weight machines are not wiping me out, but I am not quite ready to change to doing two sets of 12 reps yet. I suppose I ought to start doing that soon. Maybe next week? I have upped the weights a little on several of the machines and while am feeling a little effect, not as much as expected. The arm curls are harder because my arm strength is not spectacular. But a bit at a time.

Spending a little time looking at jobs. LinkedIn has an option to look at jobs where someone on your connections list works. I spent awhile on that this morning. Kind of interesting, but man the jobs I’m interested in keep having requirements I can’t fill. I suppose I ought to bite the bullet and apply for some of them and explain if asked that I am a fast learner, etc. Hate that … they put in so many requirements it’s painful to read the job listings sometimes.

Mostly caught up with stuff from Crown weekend, time to get ready for Coronet this coming weekend. Day-tripping again. This time CJ can actually see people …

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