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Gym yesterday. No gym today. Gym tomorrow. For sanity’s sake talked over my general plan with spouse, she thought it sounded good, so that’s something.

Slept lousy last night. Figures. I have had a weird change in my sleeping pattern overall lately — I go to bed at whatever time (9:30, 10 …), read for a bit, then crash. Hard. Then an hour (give or take a bit), I snap wide awake. End up reading again, usually, for longer. Sometimes I sleep through pretty well after, sometimes I have, like last night, a kind of restless night. Bleah. Don’t know why … that snapping wide awake thing is getting old fast.

Worked on resume yesterday — a friend had edited a copy of it and sent it back, used Word’s “Document Compare” feature to combine changes. Turned out pretty well. Now I just have to use it … I need to start sending it out.

This weekend is the beginning of Tourney season (well, a couple weeks ago was a major tournament, but …) here. So, we’ll be doing that. Already the political fun is starting. It’s always something stoopid. But there you go. Depending on weather (if not raining) I will attempt to chronicle the tourney as I have in the past. A lot will depend on whether or not I get decent reception, though. The site is not great for that.

Feeling bleah. Was planning on jumping back into the PHP coding that’s been plaguing my brain, but can’t work up the energy. Instead watched a movie, slept through a good portion of it. Well, the sleep was good useful, but … Oh well.

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