End of Work Week

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Not that I actually work right now. Sheesh.

Hit the gym this morning. Got in all the weight machines I intended to. I think the plan for now is: repeat what I did today three times next week. The week after, bump the elliptical a bit, and then try to go through and repeat the reps on the weight machines. My trainer/assessment person suggested I do two sets of 12 reps on each weight machine. Right now I’m doing one, and walking away with my arms and legs (well legs are mostly elliptical) feeling like rubber. So … gotta work up to it. That’s the goal anyway.

CJ came home late enough that I ordered from a local Mexican place. Nice thing about it is that we get so much food we can make two full meals out of it, and I have a good portion of what I need for Huevos Rancheros (black beans, tortillas … just need eggs, cheese and salsa, have the cheese and salsa …), so Sunday morning we will have that (the leftovers from the rest of dinner will be lunch tomorrow).

Work on the resume is getting there. A friend looked it over, and I want to compare her changes to the original tomorrow. Also printed out a copy for CJ to look at, because she was curious. Gotta really push myself next week to start job hunting. A friend sent an email about teaching at a local jail … kinda feel weird about that, but … (and the one she sent me is in Sacramento — huge commute issues, but the idea …). I dunno.

I am so looking forward to CJ no longer being Kingdom Exchequer (more SCA stuff) — she steps down in June. Our social life suffers badly because of this job. She spent the last two evenings on the phone dealing with one report, and there’s a party scheduled tomorrow — birthday party for a good friend, and we won’t be going because she’s going to be doing more exchequery. Argh. Oh well. Be nice to have a social life again. I’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like. Last week’s party was such a nice breath of fresh air … talking to people face to face, seeing folk I don’t see much of … I miss that.

Tired, about to crash. Have been reading through some books I adored when they first came out, but haven’t read in a long time. (The John DeChancie books … I became aware of his work through FidoNet in the early days of the Internet — a Science Fiction group there, which had he, Steven Brust, Pamela Dean and a few other writers I liked talking about writing SF and so on. I was a lurker for the most part, but really enjoyed reading that stuff … and discovered DeChancie as part of that.) They’re still pretty good, although the last book in the Castle series feels a bit contrived now. About to start the first trilogy he wrote, see how that goes (Starrigger — truckers in space …). This is all part of a bit of working through books on my shelf and deciding if I’m keeping them or not. Many books have been sacrificed on this alter (Moorcock – nearly all of his work … among others). Tough call sometimes, but … Anyway … time to slip into PJs.

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