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Since no one reads this anyway, I’m gonna say it over here. Freaking Darkwood. (SCA group) They can’t do anything like any other group, have a gillion awards that they have given over the years, with really piss-poor tracking, and cause massive confusion … make my life a bit of hell sometimes. ARGH!

Okay. I have said it. And done.

All of that brought to you by the annual White Shield tournament and the fact that they have two tournaments (one for heavy fighting, one for rapier), but the victor cannot be the Baronial champion if they don’t live there. So instead, they have the winner of the White Shield Tournament (for both heavy and rapier), AND a local champion (which may also be the winner of the tournament, but may not be if they don’t live there). FOUR entries for TWO tournaments, each tracked separately. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Even more fun, they don’t bother to explain it to the person who tracks the awards list (i.e., me), so I have to go deal with this stuff several times, rather than once if it had been explained properly.

Sheesh. (Doesn’t help that they current Baron and Baroness get really snippy at times … I have had the Baron jump my case over something fairly trivial. I got an explanation from someone else that he’s had a lot of pain due to some physical issue, that is apparently finally getting resolved, but there’s no excuse for that. And the Baroness just popped in and got snippy on Facebook … what is up with that? I know that people who know them think they’re wonderful. I find them a bit abrasive …)

Other than that, how was your day, Mrs. Lincoln?

I guess I am handling the gym stuff mostly okay. I am not having serious pain, but I do feel like I’m pushing the muscles a bit. We’ll see … today is my day off from the gym, back in tomorrow morning.

Not much else to say. The rewrite on my resume is getting better. Not sure if it will make a difference, but …

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