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Well, you know that. I know that.

So Sunday night, having nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time, I slept horribly. As in, I got maybe an hours’ solid sleep in there, with some moments of dozing off before my brain kicked in to high gear …argh.

I was going to go to the gym this morning, felt like crap (dizzy — or at least close to dizzy – I could stand, but …). So after dropping spouse off, came home and crashed. Got a few hours of sleep, read, played a game on my iPad, read, dozed … almost completely non-productive (had a list of things to do, including going to the gym later in the day, since I didn’t go in the morning). I got a couple things done, but nothing like what I planned.

So, tomorrow, despite the spouse sleeping in (she has doctors’ appointments and then is working from home in the afternoon), I intend to get up and go to the gym in the morning. In order to be sure I sleep, I took a single Tylenol PM a little over an hour ago (two tends to be too much, even though that’s a “standard dose”).

Just a recap of the weekend (not that there’s much). CJ spent most of the weekend working on the Exchequer stuff (end of year report that has to be filed and gotten to the appropriate tax people eventually); I … watched movies and played a game on my iPad. In the evening on Saturday we dressed up for a cocktail party and had a ball actually interacting with friends face-to-face. (Facebook, while useful, just really is not a substitute.) Got home after midnight, but it was worth it. It rained like crazy too … Yesterday (Sunday), not a lot. Mostly she worked on the same reports, I watched movies, etc.

Other than that, how’s tricks? No idea. Ugh … friends getting laid off from work … I deleted the game on the iPad that’s been taking up so much of my attention (stupid to let a game do that). Gotta start trying to be productive. Planning tomorrow afternoon on starting a revamp of the resume, trying to rewrite it in a different format. See if that helps. Then start working on job hunting more seriously. I gotta do something about that. But first, back to the gym in the morning. So … I oughta go crash and try to get some solid sleep, I sure need it.

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