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Mostly unproductive. Sigh. Oh well. Heralds meeting on Sunday, not much else … did some job searching. I have been going to the gym, sorta.

Gym report:

Monday: Went to the gym, all the treadmills were busy. Ack. That was the only machine I understood, and didn’t want to hurt myself. Went home. Talked to owner and set up an appointment with a trainer to 1) assess my personal needs; 2) show me the machines …

Tuesday: Got in some time on a treadmill. Went back later to meet with trainer. Found out my weight isn’t as bad as I thought (208, not 215 … want to get closer to 190). Found out my BMI and all that are a bit high, but not in the danger zone. Still something to work on. Discovered rather than treadmill, I should use the elliptical, got shown how that works. Also should be using some of the weight machines (not free weights) — the various machines (of which there are many) are designed to work on specific body parts. Went through the ones the trainer suggested and did some work on each. Felt it, but didn’t do a full run. But I felt like I had a good idea … took Wednesday off …

Thursday: Elliptical for 10 minutes (oof), then used several of the weight machines, but not all. Felt it, but didn’t go for a “pain” level. Wanted to get started. Did one set of 12 reps for each machine I used.

Friday (today) — no gym, taking the day off, may go in tomorrow. Felt a bit stiff this morning, muscles in various places telling me I did some work, but no serious pain.

So, I think I have a plan. Intend to go three days a week for next three weeks, then if I feel like bumping that to four or five … once I feel okay about the weight machines, will up the reps (was suggested two sets of 12 …), and eventually will up the weight.

In talking with one friend who is about my age (a few months older), I think I need to re-do my resume. Standard resume layout is not doing much for me, so maybe a combination resume … (Chronological is the standard, and that’s what mine is currently, the other is Functional, a combination is for folk with lots of experience, and focuses on the functional side, but includes the chronological job stuff). Sigh. Not looking forward to it, but need to get cracking.

Herself is seeing the doctor on Tuesday, a couple of issues … (one is some concern with her heart doing something odd, and another is “female issues”, and yet another is to get her regular doctor to recommend the cataract surgery she needs based on the problem she had a couple years ago with the torn retina … this is the final phase of that). She’s rather scared, understandably. She doesn’t want to have to do surgery (cataract is out-patient), because she’s the primary wage earner and she is afraid of losing her job for being out for surgery … I have a feeling her boss will take care of her — he really relies heavily on her, but it’s a valid concern.

Weather: well, March decided to make up for some of the dry spell in February. We’re getting hit by El NiƱo fairly hard. Not as bad as it could be, but …

I still haven’t gotten back to my coding. I keep telling myself I can do it, but I just … haven’t. Don’t know what the problem is. This is really the first time I’ve gotten myself stuck like this. Sigh. Well, should go watch the news or something …

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