People do this for fun?

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Well, probably not. Joined a gym on Wednesday, got some sweats and shoes yesterday, and this morning hopped on the treadmill. Eeek! I only walked for about 10 minutes on that thing (did about 1/2 mile), but my legs are already unhappy, I was sweating, am only now (about 20 minutes later) back to normal heart rate. Exercising is gonna take some getting used to. I have been told it gets easier … (well I have put myself through stuff before – owned the Nordic Track all those years and when I used it, it did get easier over time). Ugh.

Heard that my Uncle got through his surgery fine and was resting yesterday. They’re hoping to take him home today.

Not much else. Wiped. About time to take a quick rinse shower and change clothes. Bleah.

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