Year End …

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… and what a freaking year it’s been.

Let’s not even get into real-world politics (UUUUUGGGGGLLLLYYYYY) … or weather or …

My ego’s gone through plenty of roller coaster stuff this year. Losing the job at the end of April (and just a few days after my birthday) was tough. Not finding work since has been even more tough. Granted, I haven’t been searching as hard as I could (I need to rectify that).

I got a couple of PHP minor things done recently (just some web forms so people can send me emails with specific info, but a bit more complex than some I have done). I fully intend to sit down and jump back into the CMS project that I had been working on and stopped. I keep telling myself that, but I want to get it done early in the year so I can start a bigger project (I need to complete that one first).

I also fully intend this year to start building the online course on dBASE I have been telling myself I was going to do. I have equipment and software, I just need to put my energy forward and start working.

This last year has been tough. I can console myself by reminders that there are people in worse conditions. I mean, my wife is making more money than I ever did, and is able to cover the important stuff like mortgage, and all that. But my ego is still kinda shot for the real-world job market. Sigh. Dunno if it’s age, or what (besides as noted above, not putting as much energy into job hunting as I should). I am feeling my age a bit with the arthritis in my hands (and banging my hand on the steering wheel yesterday on the joint that has the worse of the arthritis in it did NOT help …), the white hair in my beard being well over half my beard now, and the hair on top of my head vacating the premises … sigh.

Christmas was not spectacular, and my sister-in-law getting drunk before 7 was not helpful. We left by 7:30 …

We did manage to get out yesterday and see Star Wars (finally, so people can talk about it in front of us …), and I may sneak out and see it again soon. It was actually pretty good. We saw it with friends we don’t see often enough (life, the universe, all that). It was a pleasant afternoon.

I dunno, felt like writing something about end of year and start of next year (tomorrow being New Year’s Eve and all, and Friday being the start of 2016). I really just feel like saying “F*** OFF 2015, 2016 HAS to be better, doesn’t it?” but … there are not guarantees.

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