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So, decided I needed to get some things taken care of.

Went to Kaiser this morning: Blood draw for PSA done (should see results in a couple days), flu shot. This was weird, because the blood draw was at 8; the flu shot was at 9:30. Normally when I go to the lab, it takes a bit of time — today: got there almost exactly at 8 (due to fun with traffic), and as soon as I got my ‘number’, I was called to the reception station, and as soon as he was done printing things, I got called to the blood-draw station. Done and done. A couple minutes after 8. Took a book — good thing. Hung around and read for well over an hour, then wandered over to the clinic. Was second in line for flu shots, and waited there. In and out and done.

Before leaving for all this I had my coffee and grapefruit; and worked on this CMS project. I decided to do a more involved encryption scheme for the passwords, mostly so I would have something I could use for other situations. I doubt anyone’s going to be that interested in hacking the GSP website. Got the encryption worked out. Then when I got back from Kaiser, I worked it into the CMS. Then had to (because I’m being anal-retentive that way) move the actual encryption routine into a separate function, so it’s harder to find the source.

Then because a contractor was scheduled to come over and replace all the light switches in the house, I made a quick lunch, and waited. He’s now come and gone. All but four switches replaced. (Sigh.) The four not replaced: three-way switches (two different switches toggle the same lights, for example, our kitchen has switches at either end …). Sadly, of the four switches that are broken, two of them are three-way switches. I will probably deal with that soon. But the rest of the switches are working fine, and the two that were broken in that lot now work without any complications. So that’s something.

Now that he’s left, and I’ve dealt with clocks and such, I have … no energy to put into anything. Figures. Tomorrow I need to get back on track (walk, look for work, work on the CMS …).

One other fun bit: A guy contacted me over the weekend about private dBASE lessons. He seems willing to pay, but … I am wary. Something stinks. Told him I’d think about it; second email was extremely obsequious, but I told him at that point “No”, and suggested the tutorial that is online, etc. Got a third message a bit ago that suggested I come to Thousand Oaks, which is where he is at, he’d put me up in housing, we’d have a room with a projector, etc. I told him flat out that I’d have to decline. Wonder if I’ll hear again. The guy is too pushy here, I really just don’t feel comfortable with it.

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