What a week … glad it’s nearly over

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Between depression (again, not clinical, but …) over the job situation; frustrations galore with the coding I’ve been doing, and more … not to mention the difficulties with my wife’s job/SCA-job … it’s been a mother-f***** of a week.

My darling spouse is so exhausted these days, she completely forgot to tell me that she needs to go to Lodi on Sunday to pick up the cash from a Kingdom (SCA stuff) event. This is on top of her having to work Saturday from about 1 to 11(pm). Ergh.

I found out about the Lodi thing yesterday when bringing her home from work. On the plus side, it appears her best friend (BJ) can take her, and they can yack it up, something they both love.

On the plus side:

Saturday we saw “The Martian” — fantastic; Wednesday we got together with Niki and Diana and Meg and Walkyr and saw the 40th Anniversary “Quote-Along” version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail — that was just silly and fun. Sunday we hung out with the GSP while they worked on masks and ended up going to dinner with the group that were there. That was fun, but tiring.

The rest of the week … weird. I actually got something approximating real sleep for a few nights. Last night – not so much.

The CMS I’m building for the Golden Stag Players (to replace the current website) is coming along nicely — I figured out some coding issues, and have it doing what I would like it to do … so that’s something. And I have template files I can use for other parts of the site for listing/adding/editing/deleting records (admin issues) that look pretty nice, and appear to work. Just modify for appropriate tables, and so on. I am sure there will be issues, but … getting there.

This also makes me feel better about my coding abilities, and that maybe I could make some money doing this, since the job market is so sucky right now.

Two big things I need to do today still (well, neither is huge, but …):

  1. get my hair cut
  2. find an electrical contractor to come in and replace all the light switches in the house … there are four that are broken – they work, but you have to play with them … the others will likely go at some point, it’s easier to just have someone do ‘em all. CJ wants a pro to do it, because she is worried I’ll burn the house down.

So … other than that, I was thinking of a short nap before I go get my hair cut and get some lunch. Feeling a bit frazzed around the edges, but feeling good about the code for the CMS coming together.

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