I REALLY Hate Mixed Signals …

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So, a friend of ours is having a party today. It’s one that I feel so-so about. Not about the friend, but it is a “literary” party, where she and some others will be doing readings from their work.

My wife has been very busy with all the SCA exchequery stuff, and yesterday we discussed this party, and she decided that since I wasn’t all that interested, and she had stuff to do, we wouldn’t go.

This morning, she decided she does want to go. Argh. So, I guess in a while we’re heading out. Not thrilled. If I had known we were going I would have shaved this morning … I made plans to work on my book (not literature) today. I am … irritated. Which is not going to make it that much fun at the party. Sigh. Mixed freaking signals. Hate ‘em. Really freaking hate ‘em.Oh well. I will see some friends, that will help, I guess. Although some of the folk I’d like to see won’t be there (because this kind of party is not up their alley, either!).

Later: And then as we were getting ready to go, she started feeling ill … agh! Okay, changing clothes back to shorts (because it’s hot … and we’re not going after all …).

On the plus side I have made it through the trouble chapters of my book. While the application I developed is far from complete, it is meant to be a framework, and allow the reader to copy it and enhance it, add their own features, etc. Three chapters of the book took me a LONG time because … it was complicated. Working on some “new features” parts for the book now, and that’s fun. The feature I can work with is not documented in the help for the beta version of the software, so I can’t look at that. Trying to figure it out as I write about it … amusing, a challenge …

Went to a couple of sessions at the unemployment/EDD offices this week. The first was mandatory and seriously annoying, since there was nothing new in it from the last one. The other was designed for CCI employees specifically, and some of the folk from our campus were there. It had some useful info, but not a lot.

The job search is a real PITA. However, I discovered from talking to one instructor that he has a job with one of the High Schools, even though he doesn’t have the required ed credentials, because he was able to promise to get them, and so this fall he has a job. I am going to follow up on a website he used and see if I can turn anything up there.

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