Whatta week … and it ain’t over yet

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Thursday … must be a freaking Thursday …

Took the spouse in to Kaiser to do some routine exams (mammogram, etc.).

She got a call awhile ago … they found something. They don’t want her to panic (yeah, right), but … So tomorrow morning (rather than doing the various things I haven’t done all week because she’s been home from work, taking some vacation time) we get to go to Kaiser (in Martinez this time, different view) for more testing. (Worried because a friend of ours who is much younger than herself had to go through chemo, etc., from something that was found … for a year … gah!)

Sigh. Beginning to not want to do any exams anymore … I mean, I had to have a colonoscopy because of the last thing I did. Luckily it turned out to be nothing serious but it was a difficult couple of days, and my intestines haven’t quite recovered yet (you tend to wipe out most of the biotics in your system, so …).

On the plus side, yesterday we saw Tomorrowland (the Disney movie), and overall enjoyed it. Not a spectacular movie, but fun. (Better than the others that Disney has done that were based on their theme park areas …).

This evening we’re finally going to take advantage of Adult Night at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. We’ve wanted to do that since they announced it a couple years ago — no one under 18 allowed. Heading to BART in an hour and a half, go have dinner before … I have already purchased the tickets … so we’re close to ready to go.

AND tomorrow evening we’re going out to dinner at a nice restaurant in Danville with herself’s sister.

Making more progress on the book, but it’s been a long haul. The one chapter has turned into two, and might end up at three …

The job search has sucked. I really ought to put more effort into it. I have been waiting to hear from the publisher that I did the tech editing test for last week. If I hear nothing by tomorrow afternoon I’ll drop a note out to my contact. I don’t want to be pushy though.

The problem with job hunting is that despite all the advice that says that it is a full-time job of its own, you can’t do that to yourself. It is ego-crushing, it is frustrating. One annoying thing is that for whatever reason the EDD (unemployment folk) want to see me Monday for an in-person interview (already did a phone interview that lasted … 3 minutes?), and then there’s a training session … on how to find a job. Sheesh. Teach your mother to suck eggs. Seriously. I have taught students how to do that, I really doubt they’re going to teach me anything. But it is mandatory. Sigh. CJ was unemployed for nearly nine months and never had to go through this. But this time, and the last time I applied for unemployment … (not that it’s been that often, but still …).

Oh well. Just have to keep moving, keep myself going, keep trying. Something will come up, but it’s been hard. Try to stay positive. Not always an easy proposition. After awhile “discouraged” doesn’t really say how one feels.

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