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Okay, really quickly before crashing …

When I was teaching at Heald, one of the many things I did was textbook reviews. I was one of a few people largely responsible for all of Heald moving to a specific publisher for the Office 2007 textbooks, because the current ones were not great, and the online software we were using with the books was pretty horrid.

Turns out that networking can be handy. Over the years since we did that move, I have spent time sending corrections to the publisher for the 2007, 2010 and 2013 textbooks, as well as issues with the online software (nothing is perfect, but this was much better than the previous … my feeling is — they can’t fix it if they don’t know about it).

One of the primary authors for the books and I had made a small bit of connection (we met at a couple of conferences, and had a nice phone call at one point discussing what had happened with one of the books at one point).

When we got laid off, I dropped a note out to the faculty community using the online software, figuring “Well, it can’t hurt …”. I got contacted over the weekend by said author, who suggested I contact the publisher about possibly doing some technical editing, as they were gearing up for Office 2016, and the books would be modified, etc.

This morning I did so, and within a couple hours was contacted, and will be doing a Technical Editing test for the publisher. If I do well, I may be doing at least some contract work, which is better than nothing.

I don’t expect it to turn into full-time work, but one never knows, I can develop MORE contacts/networking here, and …

That’s pretty cool. Networking can work for you … it has for me in the past, but it’s been awhile.

Feeling a bit better about the universe today. For a Monday, that’s saying something.

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