Two Posts in One Week? Is the world about to end?

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Feels like it might … but it’s been that kind of week.

I just want to bitch a bit first about how much I really hate the SCA Exchequer’s office (just the West Kingdom, and she’s NOT taking the full SCA-Wide position). My wife and I have almost no life. She comes home from work, and works. Weekends where we don’t have either an SCA event or she’s working on the Exchequer’s office are rare … it’s insane. 1.5 years of this, and we have another year to go. Argh.

Oh well. On the other side of things … resume out to some more places (including LucasArts, which surprised me). I have no clue if there are any nibbles (so far nothing). The job market is always weird, and my skill-set is unusual. This may be good, it may be bad … but oh well. Most of the jobs I am seeing that I might be qualified for are Corporate Training jobs. I am sure I could do some of them, others might be a push, but I am a quick study with software.

Positive: I did get an email from the financial firm handling my 401K, CCI finally got around to the termination paperwork, my account is unlocked, and is being rolled over to an IRA. This means that when I get another job, I can roll it over to that 401K, etc. Back under my control …

The book … well … it’s an uphill climb. Dealing with the concepts involved in working with SQL Server databases through dBASE … oof. Multiple connections (read-only and read/write), writing your own buffering routines (because the built-in ones don’t work properly with SQL Servers … really??) … ack. Then trying to turn things around and explain them (which is the point of this exercise). Trying to figure out how to write code that is generic (not specific to one SQL Server engine), and will handle most situations … brain hurts. Once I get past this next chapter, I should have a bit more fun with the software, although the deployment part is going to be tricksy.

Oh well, one bit at a time. I did send two chapters of the book off to one of the folk at dBASE, and she returned it with just a couple suggestions and some nice compliments. So that’s good.

The van went into the shop yesterday as the parts had come in. The rental car is okay (Nisson Altima) — it’s black, which the spouse loves. It’s keyless which is confusing, although I guess in the long run most cars will be, so what the heck. You still need a fob with an RF chip. Was told yesterday two days, guess we’ll see tomorrow.

We got a tiny touch of rain, the South Bay (San Jose) got the big part (someone posted on Facebook that it has rained for 3 hours). Sigh. We just got the ground damp. We need some serious rain, and lots of it.

Not much else at the moment. Slogging along … not as productive as I’d like, but not being completely a slug and getting nothing done.

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