Colonoscopy Follow-Up 3

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Whatta week it’s been.

To sum up, the worst part of all this was the waiting, and the not eating, and then drinking the emetic that was required to make sure my colon was as clean as possible. The drink really was not bad the first glass or two. But 2 liters later and it was nasty. The next morning I had to try to drink another 2 liters. That didn’t happen, but I did drink what I could. Bleah.

Wednesday morning (it’s Friday as I write this), got picked up by my friend Rich Templeman (Richard of Alder Tree in the SCA), who took me to the hospital, and we had the type of conversation you expect from Rat — sometimes serious, sometimes goofy, always engaging. He was pretty cool about the whole thing.

Went in, did the prep work, got stabbed for the IV (twice, I have the marks on my arm to prove it still …). When I finally got wheeled into the procedure room, they turned on the medications after positioning me, and … I don’t remember a thing until I woke up in recovery. Got the report that basically said they found a benign polyp which was removed and sent to be diagnosed, but they believe is that it is harmless.

Came home (let my spouse know all was well), ate and slept a lot (after-effects of the sedative), very relieved. Hopefully I won’t have to do that again for awhile, but still …

Whew. All that fuss for that. On the plus side, it wasn’t that bad, and my friends on Facebook rallied to tell me so — something that really helped. I posted a big thank you over there last night.

Here’s the thing: the “panic” reaction I got from my doctor really unnerved me. I understand, there’s blood in my stool (an annual test that is done at home, you mail it back to them in the proper containers, etc.). This might mean something bad. It would be nice if I wasn’t freaked out by the doctor’s reaction. “This is important, you have to come in and do the colonoscopy right away!” etc.

It is important: if this is cancer related (which is the big concern), then once that is determined, a course of action needs to be planned, etc. However, as it turns out, most of the time it is what I had — a polyp (or multiples, I guess, some people are really lucky in this area) that is benign, but should be removed. Can we not panic? Can we take this more slowly and not freak out the patient who already has prostate cancer and really doesn’t want to find out he’s got something else as well?

I went into a bit of an emotional shut-down — I didn’t want to really talk about it, which concerned my wife. I don’t do that kind of thing intentionally, but sometimes it is easier for me to just bury my fear a bit, and not worry at it. I went into “handle this like an adult” mode, and just didn’t talk about it more than I had to. My wife didn’t appreciate that a lot, although she understands. Still …

Moving along:

Yesterday I got a LOT of work done on my courses starting next week, had to populate (or re-populate in one case) a couple of courses in an online LMS so that the students can jump in and start working with things. New assignments, new details on how things work, etc.I have two sections of one of the courses, so on Monday I will put in the copy request for the second section … make the appropriate changes Tuesday morning, and et voila! done. I will probably revisit them both today and double-check a few things, and go over the other courses in the OTHER software I’m using one more time, just to make sure I have those covered.

This morning I started looking at a new project — decided to do an “addendum” to my last book (published a couple years ago). The idea is to focus on the changes in the software, of which there have been many, but not to go over material that hasn’t changed since the previous book was published. As I have been looking at it this morning I started feeling daunted — it’s big no matter what I do. A lot of programmers have come to rely on my books, as they are the only (English version, anyway) books on dBASE out there right now. Kind of sad that no one else has done anything along these lines, a different take would be nice. :) Oh well.

And another huge project is slowly (oh so slowly) getting started — a revamp of the (SCA) West Kingdom History — an attempt to turn it into a CMS (Content Management System). The difficulty is none of the “canned” freeware CMS applications out there really have the flexibility I need. So … write one from scratch. How hard can this be? (Er … spoke too soon, right?) The hardest part is one of the folk who volunteered to help, has lots of experience with CMS code, but … it’s been over a year since we started talking and … nothing. Trying to find someone else … this is frustrating. Oh well.

Ramble, ramble, ramble …

And my wife is not having a great time still. The SCA auditor came and went last week, my wife got a “laundry list” she needs to look at/work on, but overall the auditor was pretty happy with things. She has a finished version of the “Domesday Report” (the report that goes to the IRS via the SCA Excehquer). However, now she has to do first quarter reports. And get moving on Second quarter … and …

And her job is busy like always. She has an implementation tonight (FRIDAY?) … sigh. I can’t wait for her to be done with the exchequer job, I really want us to have a life again. We don’t get out and see people much, we seldom make the movies, most of our socializing is at the SCA events we make it to. Bleah. Never again. She’s said so herself … she has no interest in doing this job again, or worse, the SCA Exchequer job (which the auditor asked about). Nope.

Well, suppose I ought to try to be productive today. Or not. Maybe I’ll just watch some “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for awhile …

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