Colonoscopy Follow-up 1

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Found out yesterday (yes, they called me on a Sunday) that the Colonoscopy requires sedation, which means I can’t just drive down there, have it done, and drive home.

Problem: My darling spouse doesn’t drive. Facebook to the rescue! I posted a “I don’t normally need to do this, but …” request out there, and got a couple of offers (one from a pair of friends who live down Santa Cruz way, which is a LONG HAUL to come to Walnut Creek and so on …; two from more local folk …). Whew. So today I have to make the appointment and let the volunteers know when it is, and we’ll go from there.

Sheesh. On the other hand, mentioned it to a couple of friends who were over yesterday evening, and one of them has had a colonoscopy and said the sedation is important, and that they ask if you want to watch (on a monitor) or just sleep through it … think I’ll do the latter. I don’t really want to see my insides.

This is a weird week. Trying to get a lot done:

  1. PSA Blood Draw (Prostate Cancer, check to see how active it is) — today
  2. DMV — have to go in and get photo and such for new license (sigh) — today
  3. In-Service for school … — today
  4. Eye Exam (haven’t done it for a couple years, it’s time, although vision seems okay) — tomorrow
  5. Dental exam/cleaning — tomorrow
  6. Work on stuff for next quarter (some done, but three classes (two sections of one) I have some work to do … — this week
  7. Watch more “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” because I decided to catch up on a show a lot of friends enjoyed, but I never got into … — whenever I can slip it in
  8. Oh, and the Colonoscopy …  — later this week
  9. AND I’m starting a new edition of my dBASE Book (enhancements to the software, not a complete overhaul, so it’s more of an addendum type of book). — In and around everything else …

Busy much? Well, yeah. This on top of all the other things that I do …

Suppose I ought to go trim my beard a bit so it looks good for the DMV photo … just felt like dumping a bit more out here.

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