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Last weekend was West Kingdom Crown Tourney, and yesterday was Principality of the Mists Coronet Tourney. Good grief. We hotelled Crown (at Woodland) so we could be there for meetings and such. We day-tripped Coronet (at Tres Pinos), because, well, we could, and no need to hotel it.

I ended up ‘live blogging’ the tournies on the appropriate Facebook pages, which was amusing, albeit a bit weird. Made me pay attention to the tourney … I posted the actual fighters in the last few rounds for each tourney, but otherwise it was some basic “Second Round is starting.” type things. Interestingly, the folk who couldn’t attend the event for whatever reason (in both cases) really appreciated the posts. Got lots of “thank yous” for it. In today’s digital world things get interesting sometimes.

Other than that, it was just fun to get out and see people. Of course at Crown, Carolyn (who is Kingdom Exchequer — treasurer) was busy most of the day on Saturday. Yesterday she got to hang out because she wasn’t responsible for anything.

I guess the reason I have taken to live-blogging the tourney is that it gives me something to do and feel like I’m contributing. Not being an officer (at least whose job occurs at events) means that there isn’t a lot for me to do at these events these days. Yeah, I could wander and chat with people, and often do. Saw lots of folk, didn’t talk to too many for long, because they were busy, such is life. Have a few folk I’d love to spend more time with, but …

One of our friends has taken to doing Coronets, and our (former) apprentices Juan and Rose had coronets made by him. I am going to sit down at some point with CJ and try to design something relatively period, but with elements that say “me”. My current coronet is heavy and pretty plain. It’s okay, and I am not sorry I purchased it. But I am wanting something a little lighter and something more “me”. Cathyn’s work is really good, and he’s local, a friend, and CJ says she’ll pay for it. That never hurts. Photos when it happens (some day).

I think the frustration these days is that we don’t get much social life except at SCA events, because my wife’s job is demanding, and the Exchequer position is really demanding (she’s still working on the end-of-year report, and next Friday/Saturday one of the SCA exchequer deputies is coming and staying overnight so she can audit the books …). We don’t even get to the movie theater often. And my work schedule (see below) is weirder and weirder. I’m working evenings two nights a week, because of things happening at the school … so those two evenings are out for hanging with folk.

School/Work: End of the quarter is coming up. Next week is Finals. This quarter I’ve been working Tuesdays/Thursdays to 8:00 p.m. Gad. What’s more fun is next quarter I’m working Mondays and Wednesdays until 10:00 p.m. Sheesh. I am not going to be going in to work at 6am for the next quarter, it’s silly. My first class on M/W is 10:45am. I have weird breaks … Tuesdays and Thursdays my first class is at 1:00 p.m.. Schedule gets stranger and stranger. Part of it is that we have fewer students than we did a year ago — this is partially because the economy is better, which is great for the overall economy, not so great for us. There’s also the CCI issue, which I really hope goes away soon. I can’t talk about it really, so that’s all I’ll say. I know very little about details anyway, but …

Because of all this, we have fewer adjunct instructors who usually do evening courses. It’s going to be a long weird quarter. I will be getting up to take my wife to the BART station on Tuesday/Thursday morning, but coming back home to collapse (not sure I’ll crawl into bed, but …) a bit.

At least I have books and schedules and all that, I know the courses I’m teaching, and so on.

Other than that, we’re trundling along, life isn’t horrible, just weird. I cannot wait until CJ gives up the Exchequer job (June of next year …). Gah. It’ll be nice to have our lives back.

So, today is Easter. Picked up a couple things just because it’s nice. We have one chocolate rabbit each, and some Cadbury mini-eggs (which will be harder to get next year, as Nestles claims they’re not going to import anything from Cadbury anymore). Had a late breakfast. It’s raining in the north bay (with some snow apparently), and this small storm is going to work through to the south bay before dissipating. Tuesday there is supposed to be a bigger storm. It appears we’ve had some rain, just looked out the window. The ground is wet — didn’t hear it. None of this is enough to deal with the drought we’re having. Sigh. Okay, now I can hear the rain …

Oh well. Felt like rambling a bit so here we are. Was going to try to be productive, but not sure what to focus on this morning. Sigh.

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