Arthritis? Sigh.

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The last few weeks have been same-ol’ same-ol’ for the most part.

CJ and I have almost no social life right now, because of the work she’s having to do with the Exchequer’s office (for the SCA). She comes home from work and has to work on the “domesday report” … weekends, if we’re not actually at an event, we are usually at home, while she works on … the domesday report (or other aspects of the office).

Sigh. A couple weeks ago we had dinner at a friend’s house, but partly so she could help with … an exchequer report. Today we actually get to go to a party that only has to do with the SCA because most of our friends are in the SCA — it’s a friend’s birthday party.

Next weekend is Crown … at least we’ll get to see friends there, although CJ is going to be doing Exchequer stuff, so … yipee?

In a few more weeks, the SCA’s exchequer (or deputy) is coming to our house to audit the Kingdom stuff. Yiee. She’s staying here Friday and leaving in the evening Saturday (second weekend of April).

At school, well, week 8 is done out of 11. We’re coming down to the panic point for students, including dealing with the usual “waited too long” stuff for those who aren’t passing … (procrastination, no paying attention to their grades … etc.).

Work has been weird, because on T/TR my first (and only) class is at 1. That means spending time working on preparing assignments, and such, but I’ve also been watching on “Amazon Prime”, the series “Eureka”. I watch it some at home, catch a few episodes int he morning, go do my Office Hours, then teach my class, and come home. Mondays and Wednesdays, four classes, scattered across the day — starting at 8:45am, and ending at 7:50pm. LOONG day. But that’s how it works sometimes.

And … my right hand has been giving me some pain (to the point that it hurts to shake hands sometimes, and various other issues). Last Friday (the 13th) I went in to see the doctor. I had xrays and five vials of blood taken for tests. After a week I contacted my doctor and asked for a diagnosis. Some of my friends recommended “Mega Red”, which is a fish oil made mostly from krill, so I asked the doctor about that as well. What gets me is that I had to ask for a diagnosis. I kind of assumed that since I went in, saw the doctor, had tests done, etc., I would get one without having to ask.

“The xray shows osteoarthritis, or wear and tear type arthritis. There is no cure for this; it is a consequence of aging. Anti-inflammatories can be helpful to control symptoms as needed. … I cannot endorse Mega Red, no.”

Well, as “consequences of aging” go, it could be worse. The way I see it, use ibuprofin or some anti-inflammatory if needed, and not worry about it the rest of the time. A small amount of pain I can deal with, it’s when it really hurts that I would need the meds. As long as it doesn’t get worse …

Well, just kinda dumping some stuff out here.

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