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CJ and I had our anniversary (21 years!) trip to Disneyland a couple of weekends ago. That was fun, although I think we both maxed out on crowds a lot earlier than the last few years. I think with the economy picking up, that there are not going to be as many weekends with the smaller crowds we were enjoying for awhile there. Oh well.

We did finally get to go on the ride in the Cars theme area — the racers. That was pretty good.

Ken and Carolyn at Dizzyland

Ken and Carolyn

On other fronts, well … school has been school. Lots of problem-students. Sigh.

And it appears I may be coming down with arthritis in my hands. The big issue is in my right hand, the thumb joint with the hand gets really painful sometimes, gripping things (even a toothbrush) can be hard. The rest of my hands aren’t bad, but the joints all hurt a little when it acts up. I went in for tests yesterday (five vials of blood, something like 9 xrays). Oy. We’ll see …

CJ is being wiped out by the SCA Exchequer job. We have very little social life outside of an occasional SCA event. I can’t wait until she can give up the job (June of 2016 is the plan). Sheesh.

Not much else going on. Busy with all the usual things. A little coding here and there, school, keeping things up-to-date on various sites … (except this one, have been pretty bad about that part).

Have been enjoying watching some shows from the SyFy channel on Amazon Prime (watched four seasons of Warehouse 13, and am watching Eureka … both of them sort of linked, but only vaguely (references in Warehouse 13 to Eureka).

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