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The July quarter at the school has started, and I’ve completed the first two days of “the first class”. Five class sessions of the dog-and-pony show. “This is who I am, this is my class, these are school / my policies, this is how I run the class …” etc. Starting tomorrow we can get into the meat of the classes. Looking forward to that.

This quarter my work schedule is nowhere near as tough. I have three classes back-to-back on Mondays (10 minute break between two, and then lunch, which is 25 minutes). Tuesdays I have class, then a long break — one class plus lunch — then the second class. The computer classes are the big ones (> 30 students each). Teaching Success 100 (showing students how to be successful students, successful in general in life, etc.) and the E-Commerce class with a new textbook. That’s always weird, but it’ll be fine. Both of those are under 20 students each.

A bit tired, something about waking up at 3:30 this morning for no good reason. Bleah.

Herself is working from home today, and tomorrow she’s doing the same. The reason for today is she was up until gawdawful last night working on a report for work that had to be done by some really early time today. For tomorrow, delivery of a table/furniture item (TV stand?) to put the new flatscreen TV on.

Saturday we went out and bought a TV, spent a long time talking to the Dish TV person at CostCo (oy vey!), a Blue-Ray DVD player, and all that. But we haven’t moved the furniture around, so the old TV is still in play. The reason? Well, the new TV stand is not here (tomorrow, from Scandihoovian Designs … er, Scandinavian …). Not to mention the old cathode-ray-tube TV is too big for me to move by myself. Same for the entertainment center. The old monster furniture is HUGE.

However, CJ’s best friend’s husband volunteered himself to come over on Friday and help move all that. Whoof. So Friday I hope to have it all working. Not sure about the Cable box, Comcast has to get us (or we have to go get?) an HD cable box. Figures. Probably cost more than the one we have now. Also have to replace some shelves for all the DVDs. Don may help with that, not sure. We’ll talk on Friday … the current shelves are full, and don’t take into account the stuff that was in the entertainment center.

And then of course, getting the old stuff hauled away. Yike. Ah well. Once it’s done we’ll have a little more room in the living room (not big in the first place), and a nice flat-screen LED TV.

It’ll be weird. We’ve had the TV for about 16 years or so (Sony Trinitron — refused to die), and the entertainment center was purchased from some of the severance package from Borland when they laid me off. Nice to catch up to the 21st Century though.

That’s about all the excitement for now. Nothing truly exciting. Work trundles along as noted above. No word on what’s happening with our parent corp., or possible sale of Heald to someone else yet. I expect there will be wrangling and decisions being made at the upper echelons, and then one day, et voila, we will no longer be part of the old parent corp, but have a new parent corp. Just let us work … sheesh. :)

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